Guardian: Proving Professionalism With Display Of Might

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Proving professionalism with display of might

Accused of beating innocent people, Russian forces show just how hard they can be
Tom Parfitt in Moscow
Friday May 11, 2007

As PR stunts go it was at the odder end of the spectrum. Under investigation for beating protesters and journalists at recent anti-Kremlin opposition marches, Russia’s Omon special forces today threw open the doors of its top-secret headquarters.

The aim of the two-hour demonstration laid on for the international media was to show off the Omon – caught on camera flailing rubber batons at elderly demonstrators during the marches – as disciplined professionals. But the jamboree left some wondering if hardened Chechnya war veterans in this ‘spetsnaz’ unit, similar to the SAS, are the best choice for crowd control at public protests. Visitors to the base at Shchyolkovo were treated to a mind-numbing display of mock shootouts, hostage rescues, hand-to-hand fighting and men karate-chopping flaming piles of bricks covered in petrol.

To throbbing dance music one serviceman with a bare torso smashed two bottles then lay on the shards as a comrade dropped knives onto his stomach.

A team of masked frogmen abseiled through a third storey window while firing automatic weapons at an imaginary foe. A squad of riot police in protective armour and black helmets then demonstrated their “active defence” tactics, advancing like Roman legionnaires with metal shields and swinging truncheons. In a more sedate performance, an Alsatian sniffer dog was instructed by its handler to pick up a fluffy cat and gently move it several paces, an apparent attempt to show the “touchy-feely” side of the Omon.

About 9,000 interior ministry Omon servicemen were deployed in Moscow for the March of the Dissenters last month, when 2,000 people took to the streets to protest against President Vladimir Putin’s creep towards authoritarianism. Some of the unit were filmed clobbering peaceful protesters.

But officers of the elite Zubr (bison) unit claimed the incidents were isolated and the “Omontsi” had been provoked by extremists. “Do you think we train like this in order to beat up grandmothers?” asked deputy commander Andrei Tusyuk. “It’s possible that we’ve gone over the top occasionally but we are always attempting to fulfil our orders within the law.”

Critics say the Omon has been a willing and brutal enforcer of the Kremlin, which took fright after the orange revolution in neighbouring Ukraine in 2004 and is determined to prevent a similar popular uprising in Russia. But deputy minister of internal affairs Mikhail Sukhodolsky insisted the unit acts within the law, and praised their efforts. Omon recruits must pass a gruelling four month programme that culminates with a fist fight against five serving members of the unit. One in five pass.
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The North Caucasus Had Enough Mr….Putin

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The North Caucasus had enough Mr….Putin

Since Russian imperial Tsarist invading forces starting with “Evan the Terrible” had begun their aggressions against the North Caucasus and other nations and regions, they had one and only one fancy in mind which was to occupy, conquer, and colonize the lands of others, which presented by their selfish method, “The end justifies the means”.

In that regard, and in the same sense, it is profound to remember that “The foolish and dead alone never change their options” and “He that never changes his opinions, never corrects his mistakes, and will never be wiser on the morrow than he is today”.

Genocide and ethnic cleansing of those who discredited the value of life in addition to lots of harmful and painful effects were the direct impact on tens of peoples and nations that they had to suffer and still under Russian direct occupation and colonization.

All of tyrant acts and crimes are like debts, and the oppressed nations are the creditors. In that regard, “Creditors have better memories than debtors”; but “short debts make long friends”!

The sky is the limit for atrocities that imperialism brought to the North Caucasus Region, starting from wars misery, bloodshed, human tragedies, man-slaughter, destruction, violence, waste of life & resources, torture and last but not least, the military occupation and colonization.

As war is considered as failure of human wisdom, then who brought the war and destruction to the Caucasus and still must be accountable and responsible for the consequences.

When the Tsars brought the Cossacks to fight for the Russian empire and implement the brutal policy of occupation and imperialism, some (which is a portion of countless crimes) of their criminal acts against the oppressed nations and peoples are still remembered and sorrow memories are still memorized in peoples minds.

Now comes again the repetition of irresponsible acts, atrocities, and savage crimes to keep grabbing every thing, but this time in the 21st century with media showing and transmitting all acts of savage colonial occupation and aggression through out the world.

The remaining brave Caucasians survive (after millions had persished through out the Russian wars against the Caucasus nations) with the famous proverb in mind “That which does not kill you, makes you stronger”.

Nowadays, history repeats itself, when few days ago the president of the “Federal Republic Of Russia” signed a law “On State Service of the Russian Cossacks”, which sets legal and organizational framework for the use of Cossacks in state, civil, military and law enforcement services!

That shows the concept of so-called federation, which is between invividuals, security agencies and opporunists.

In Rostov Oblast, Cossack Army Chief Viktor Vodolacky believes that “Cossack activities will be in high demend in other Russian regions since Cossacks provide heads of the law enforcement agencies with real help in performing all tasks set by federal center!

Those opportunists are seizing the moment, they are taking the opportunity now, and they are voluntarily slaving themselves once more for the services and to be the tools of evils and devils; but they should know that “Truth will prevail” and “As you sow, so will you reap”!


2005-12-10 01:11:37

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KC: Russian Parliament Threatens West With Other Political Murders

From: Eagle_wng

Russian Parliament Threatens West With Other Political Murders
Publication time: 24 November 2006, 08:17
The Head of the Russian Parliament State Security  Committee, Vladimir Vasiliev, said on Thursday, November 23, 2006, that  “the time is ripe for the Parliament to adopt a resolution with regard to a punishment of organizers of  an attempt to involve Russia in the case of the poisoning of the ex FSB officer Alexander Litvinenko”, according to reports from several Russian news agencies.

No Western correspondent in Moscow reported about these threats against the  West. The Security Commitee of the Russian Parliament is a body responsible for the activity of Russian secret services, such as the FSB, the SVR and the GRU.

The Committee needs a law or a resolution from the Russian Parliament, so that the FSB could start with killings of Western journalists in the West that gave “wrong” coverage, from the Russian goverment’s point of view, of Mr Litvinenko’s poisoning.

Earlier this year, the Russian Parliament adopted a law enpowering Russian secret services to carry out political murders outside the Russian territory. The law  legalized the FSB fatal poisoning of Mr Litvinenko in London.


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Window On Eurasia: Russians Now Trust Internet More Than Other Media Outlets, Study Says

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Window on Eurasia: Russians Now Trust Internet More than Other Media Outlets, Study Says

Paul Goble

Vienna, January 28 – Russians are increasingly choosing the Internet over other media outlets for “objective” news, a reflection of both their judgments about the quality of reporting and their ability to purchase increasingly expensive newspapers and magazines during the current economic crisis.
Today, the Russian Business Rating Agency published online the results of a poll conducted on behalf of Pro-Vision Communications in 12 major Russian cities last November as part of a country-wide assessment of the level of trust Russians have in various media outlets (
According to this survey, 47 percent of the sample called online publications “important” sources for news, while only 33 percent said the same of regional and federal media outlets. Its authors argued that this result showed that Russians “trust” online news more than that carried on other sources, but the data at least as published do not necessarily support that conclusion.
Another explanation, one offered by those involved in other sectors of the media, is that these numbers simply reflect the impact of the current economic situation which has driven prices for print media up even as the incomes of many Russians have fallen (
And it is clear that the print media have suffered in Russia, as elsewhere, as a result of the economic crisis. Since October, the sales of Russian newspapers and magazines have fallen 40 percent, and with smaller print runs, many of these outlets have been forced to increase prices, reducing still further the number of people who can and will buy them.
But at the same time, these new poll numbers highlight two other developments likely to continue to have an impact on Russian media habits. On the one hand, the Russian media are now “more unfree than free,” according to the Moscow Center for Journalism in Extreme Situations (
Russian officials are exercising ever tighter control over the electronic media, the Center suggests, and both the high profile killing of journalists and attacks on websites like which was blocked, apparently on orders from the highest levels, during the patriarchal elections, have increased Russian suspicions about the reliability of many outlets.
As a result, the conclusions based on the November 2008 poll are important, even if they may be too broad. That is especially the case since over the past five years, the number of Internet users in Russia has gone up 2.5 times and one in six Russians now goes online every day, up from only one in 50 in the fall of 2002 (
While not all those who go online do so to get news – many use the Internet to engage in chat, get advice, purchase goods or be entertained – an increasing number clearly do so. And that means that in the future, this still relatively free portion of the Russian media market is going to be both more important and more subject to government efforts designed to control it.
The former trend means that more and more individuals, groups, and governments interested in learning about developments Russia will need to focus on this medium, and they will need to use the Internet and especially to its most sophisticated new forms if they hope to reach a Russian audience.
But the latter means that as has been the case in China and elsewhere, Russian officials will be trying to impose their control on this form of mass media lest, having not having control of this portion of the media will not only reduce the importance of the media they do control but also increase the challenges to their own power.
Despite that latter trend, one that will involve a struggle between offense and defense on line, there was one piece of potentially good news for the Russian media this week: The Federation Council is set to approve Russia’s very own version of the US Freedom of Information Act (
Once approved, that measure which will take effect January 1, 2010, is supposed to guarantee Russian citizens the right to obtain a wide range of information about government bodies and activities. That is a step forward, even if here too there will be another struggle between those who favor openness and those, mostly inside the government, who don’t.


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KC:Top Russian Terrorist Hinted At Forthcoming CyberTerrorist Attack 10 Days Ago

From: Eagle_wng

Top Russian Terrorist Hinted At Forthcoming Cyber-Terrorist Attack 10 Days Ago
Publication time: 27 September 2006, 17:21

War criminal Gryzlov, the former Russian “interior minister” who now operates under the guise of  a so called “Russian parliament speaker ” said September 17 “more vigorous efforts must be made to fight cyber- terrorism”.

“The terrorists have been using the Internet to organize terrorist attacks and to disseminate terror propaganda,” the criminal told the G8 countries’ parliamentary speakers in St.Petersburg.

10 days later, Russian cyber-terrorists from the Russian secret police of the FSB (former KGB) started their DOS attacks against the providers of the Kavkaz Center news agency.


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Turkey’s Circassians Press Ankara to Reopen Sea Route to Abkhazia

Turkey’s Circassians Press Ankara to Reopen Sea Route to Abkhazia

by Paul Goble, Window on Eurasia
January 8 – Leaders of the six-million-strong Circassian community of
Turkey met with that country’s President Abdulla Gul this week to press
for the reopening of ferry service from Trabzon to the Abkhaz port of
Sukhum(i), a link that was suspended in 2006 when the CIS imposed an
embargo on that breakaway republic.
Monday, Gul received the leaders of the Caucasus Federation Khase,
which unites 56 Circassian groups in Turkey, for 45 minutes to discuss
this and Circassian demands for more broadcasting in their by Turkish
channels and more Circassian language classes in Turkish universities ( and
the meeting, Khase general coordinator Dzhumkhur Bal told the media
that the reopening of sea communications with Abkhazia was not only
possible but vital for his community because now after the August 2008
war, “there is no need for compatriots of Abkhazia [such as the
Circassians living in Turkey] to obtain a Russian visa.”
he added that expanding Circassian broadcasting in Turkey, where TRT-3
now broadcasts seven hours a day in that language was especially
important given the increasing attention of his community to what is
taking place in Abkhazia and other historically Circassian areas in the
northern Caucasus.
Only a day before
the Circassians of Turkey met with Gul, more than 150 young Circassians
in Karachayevo-Cherkessia, Kabardino-Balkaria and Adygeya assembled in
Cherkessk to reiterate their call for working toward the creation of a
single Circassian Republic in the North Caucasus (
they have repeatedly in recent months, the young people asserted that
“Kabardinians, Cherkesses, Abazas and Adygeys are “one people and must
live in a single republic in the framework of the Russian Federation,”
a demand that they said “corresponds to the right of nations to
self-determination and [Vladimir Putin’s] policy of amalgamating
The session, which was
organized with the support of Nart-TV, a station in Jordan where there
is also a large Circassian diaspora, included speakers who insisted
that the restoration of such a republic would “to a large extent
stabilize the situation in the region and strengthen the geopolitical
position of Russia.”
Most Russian
officials, however, and some Circassian leaders inside the Russian
Federation oppose that idea in the first case, because they view it as
a threat to Moscow’s control in the awake of Abkhazia’s moves toward
independence and in the second, because they fear it might undercut
their own positions or harm Circassian interests.
the Circassian diaspora is completely behind the idea, as the actions
of the Caucasus Federation in Turkey and Nart TV in Jordan show. And
those communities are now playing an ever greater role not only in the
countries where they are now living but in the region from which their
ancestors were expelled almost 150 years ago.
the Russian government works over the next several years to prepare for
an Olympics in Sochi, the activities of these communities and their
influence on their co-ethnics inside the Russian Federation are certain
to grow, creating new challenges for all the countries involved and
perhaps new opportunities for this much oppressed nation.
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From: Eagle_wng

March, 21, 2006


ACRES MURTAZAYEV, “Eurasian House”, 08.03.06


For our militarized consciousness (in the authority – Generals and Colonels, the central objective of life – combating of terrorism) the number ten became almost sacred. First, this is the very center of target. But, in the second place, this ten coded designation of the operation “2008”.

The forthcoming presidential elections are the dominant of power of the state, and any act of it is directed toward the solution of this strategic problem. We do meet KHAMAS, which, according to the chairman of Duma committee on international affairs K. Kosacheva, “we do not consider terrorists, because it does not act in the territory of RF”. Do we clang by the gas pipe, the most solid tool of our foreign policy. Or we intend the bill, which gives the right only to first face to determine what foreign investors are possible to allow to the “strategic branches” of the economy. Whatever do – all thoughts only about that, who following will enter into the Kremlin. This is the completely normal policy of authority, which cannot but think about the fruits of its administration. It is remembered the meager knight from the similar tragedy, everything grieved above the fact, to whom will be reached trunks with the “active memberships”, which he gained by difficult labor.

Law “about the opposition to terrorism” accepted by the State Duma last week, also works on the strategical operation “2008”, which can (and this already almost general opinion) be completed not in two years, but it is considerably earlier. In order to remain on the horse, it is necessary; apparently, to make motion by the horse, which carried out Yeltsin on the eve in 2000 year. But in this case it is necessary to do everything in order not to let out from the hands bridle, that rash made the same Boris Nikolayevich. And judging by everything, new law on the combating of terrorism is that most desired bridle, which will not allow future successor to make excess steps while under power. Thus, controlled democracy reached the practically highest stage of its development.

It is understandable that the new law will not strongly change situation with the combating of terrorism – it is so fought decisively and mercilessly. This is wonderfully evident in a quantity of victims among the innocent civilians, which is destroyed incomparably more than terrorists. Permission to bring down the passenger aircraft, seized by terrorists, and without the new law completely could give the President of the country. Let us recall, school in Beslan (not a bit not less than the aircraft, although, true, it was not above Moscow) was burnt on the completely law foundations. But captain Ullmann in complete agreement with the laws of the Russian Federation shot on the order of the simple Colonel in nothing not of guilty innocent civilians, and the day isn’t far, when he still requires compensation for the moral damage, which carried in connection with the illegal criminal pursuit.

In the new law the payment of compensation for the loss and the mutilations of participants in the counter-terrorist operation are prescribed, but completely nothing is pronounced relative to the victims of these operations themselves from the number of innocent civilians. But they, as shows experience, are indeed significant. And permission to the liquidation of the aircraft, seized by terrorists, would be probably logical to connect with the appropriate measure of punishment for those, who were guilty of the seizure of air vessel.

But this most interesting is that, according to the senators, who approved law, if the aircraft will prove to be seized by terrorists, servicemen will bring down, including and the aircraft, in which high ranking Russian officials can be located, including the President. For the future successor this completely can become something like impeachment. Reminding about by what course it follows to fly, so that in your vessel the group of terrorists would not prove to be.

President’s Decree in the country created the national anti-terrorist committee (NAK), which will lead the chairman of FSB Nikolai Patrushev. He will obtain the authorities, compared well perhaps that with the presidential. In NAK enter the leaders of all remaining primary structures, and also MIDa, Justice Department and other branch departments. And they all will have one leader – FSB. Thus, national anti-terrorist center becomes most powerful branch of the authority, not controlled by anyone, except the President. And this control is completely attained even for that period, when Vladimir Vladimirovich temporarily leaves the Kremlin.

The author – laureate of reward “Golden Perot”

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