Prague Watchdog: The Prodigal Son’s Confession (Weekly Review)

November 25th 2008 · Prague Watchdog / Dzhambulat Are

The prodigal son’s confession (weekly review)

The prodigal son's confession (weekly review)

By Dzhambulat Are

GROZNY, Chechnya – Last week Ramzan Kadyrov received the longed-for moral and ideological support he was denied during the years of his time first as premier and then as president. Umar Khambiyev – the former Ichkerian health minister, President Aslan Maskhadov’s former general representative in European countries, one of the pillars and moral authorities of the Chechen separatists – inclined his head.

In an interview for the Vesti-Severny Kavkaz news agency, Umar Khambiyev said that while he himself was an opponent of Kadyrov, and had made a great many speeches blaming him for what was happening in Chechnya, he now saw that Kadyrov was really making an effort, doing something for Chechnya. “This man genuinely wants the republic to prosper, his aspirations are genuinely connected with the people, and by what he is doing he is proving that he cares about them.”

Umar Khambiyev says that he does not plan to return to Italy, where he was granted political asylum. Explaining the reason for its decision, he openly rejects the arguments of his recent allies among the human rights defenders who claim that Chechnya is still a troubled territory where no one can feel safe.

However, we need merely recall the fate of one of Ramzan Kadyrov’s recent critics – the religious leader Mukhmad-Salakh Masayev. After he gave an interview to the Novaya Gazeta newspaper he was kidnapped by unidentified assailants right in the middle of Grozny. His whereabouts are still unknown.

”A person can live here in perfect safety,” said Umar Khambiyev, nevertheless.

In order to understand how flattering Kadyrov finds opinions of this kind it is necessary to remember Khambiyev’s past fortunes. At the beginning of the second Chechen war, he – along with the guerrillas – was taken prisoner and endured the nightmare conditions of the Russian concentration camps. He only obtained his freedom through the intervention of influential Moscow Chechens.

Umar Khambiyev’s brother Magomed was not an ordinary guerrilla – he was Ichkeria’s defence minister. Kadyrov took several of the Khambiyevs’ relatives hostage, and as a result Magomed was forced to lay down his arms. But now all that is forgotten. At least, that is what Maskhadov’s former emissary to Europe is calling for, the man who from the lofty tribunes of European institutions sometimes used to try to persuade European politicians that the Moscow-backed regime of the Kadyrovs – first father, then son – had no future, and that the men who had been put on the throne by the Russian government did not have the right to speak on behalf of the Chechens.

Khambiyev is confident that his example will be followed by other “Ichkerian” officials.

Meanwhile, Ramzan Kadyrov has become personally engaged in the hunt for Sulim Yamadayev. Without waiting for his own interior ministry to achieve the expected result, the Chechen President has launched a vigorous, but so far only verbal attack aimed at forcing the ex-Vostok commander’s protectors to give him up.

According to the Chechen President’s press service, Kadyrov is confident that Moscow’s law enforcement bodies are aware of the whereabouts of Yamadayev, who is reportedly hiding from justice in one of the elite districts of the Russian capital city.

“Basically, what is involved is a criminal who motivates his actions by allegedly providing security, who ignores the law and the basic norms that protect public safety, who has gathered around him an armed group of twenty men and who is sitting tight more or less in the centre of the capital. A criminal for whom an arrest warrant has been issued, with men around him who are armed to the teeth, in a densely populated area of the Russian capital – is that not a real threat to society?” Ramzan Kadyrov inquires.

The Moscow-backed Chechen President knows what he is talking about. When his janissaries come for Yamadayev, the metropolitan area which has given shelter to the fugitive Hero of Russia may indeed become a real disaster zone. 

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(Translation by DM)


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Adygeanatpress: Delegation From Iraq Does Not Plan Visiting Other NC Republics

From: MSN NicknameEagle_wng  (Original Message)    Sent: 6/18/2006 9:30 PM
Delegation from Iraq does not plan visiting other republics of Northern Caucasus

The delegation of the Northern Caucasians from Iraq will stay in Adygeya for a week. That was informed to Caucasian unit correspondent on June 17th by the minister of culture and press of the republic Gazzy Chemso. Today in the morning the visitors have visited the National museum, then in a minibus they went to Maykopsky (mountain) district of the republic – the most perspective for tourism development.

During their present trip the visitors do not plan to visit other republics of Northern Caucasus. Though they intend to meet representatives of the republics in Adygeya, first of all, from Chechen Republic and Dagestan. We shall remind, the association “Tadamon” (Unity) they represent, was formed by Adygs, Chechens, inhabitants of Dagestan and other Diasporas of the peoples of Northern Caucasus.

Note: during yesterday’s meeting with the vice-president Boris Gokzhaev members of the delegation characterized investment opportunities of the community of Northern Caucasian peoples in Iraq and asked the republican government to do the utmost to facilitate for representatives of Diaspora getting of the Russian citizenship.

Caucasian unit

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Caucasian Knot: Nukhazhiev: 300 Persons Buried In A Mass Grave In Chechnya

From: Eagle_wng  (Original Message) Sent: 7/5/2008 11:05 AM



Nukhazhiev: 300 persons buried in a mass grave in Chechnya

Nurdi Nukhazhiev, Ombudsman for the Chechen Republic, has reported that about 300 human remains have been found buried in the Grozny District of Chechnya, near the territory of a former asphalt plant.

The Ombudsman was told by local residents about this new mass grave. Presumably, it contains remains of about 300 Chechen women, children and old men who in October 30, 1999, tried to leave the combat area and got under bombardment of federal troops.

“All the victims were refugees who tried to run away from skirmishes to other country regions,” Mr Nukhazhiev said. “All the transport means in the column had white flags, so the troops should not have opened fire. But they did it as soon as the column moved up to the hill. After complete destruction of the whole group, soldiers buried the corpses together with their transport near a large asphalt plant.”

Same as two weeks ago (when information appeared about a large mass burial in the Leninskiy District of Grozny), Nurdi Nukhazhiev has demanded from the authorities to immediately start the exhumation procedure and an investigation into the circumstances of the tragedy.

See earlier reports: “Residents of Chechnya suspect “Vostok” of concealing tombs of their victims.”

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Adygeanatpress: Solidarity With Adygeya Puts Equal-Sign Sovmen-Adygeya-Prospects

From: MSN NicknameEagle_wng  (Original Message)    Sent: 4/15/2006 10:41 AM
 World committee for solidarity with Adygeya puts equal-sign: Sovmen – Adygeya – prospects
As IА REGNUM correspondent across Adygeya informed, on April 13th he got a reference of the World committee for solidarity with the Republic of Adygeya. It was signed by the coordinators from Jordan, Israel, Turkey, Holland, Canada, and the USA. The reference, as it was spoken in the letter enclosed, had been dispatched among the legal expert organizations, embassies, parliaments, and ministries – accessible to the organization. In the reference of the committee for solidarity it was spoken:

“The world committee for solidarity with Adygeya expresses great concern and alarm in connection with the position around of the republic and its president Khazret Sovmen. The Southern federal district on behalf of its plenipotentiary of the president of Russian Federation Dmitry Kozak, putting political pressure, achieves integration of the Republic of Adygeya with Krasnodar territory and tries to push off at any cost its head, originally national leader who had stood on people’s protection.

Having come to authority as a reformer, from the first days of his management of the republic Khazret Sovmen declared uncompromising struggle against bureaucracy and corruption, against real poverty caused by such phenomena. Very few people ventured to support him at that time, few men took openly his part now, but he always enjoyed the national love. Today there are real fruits of that struggle – into economy, in life of citizens of the republic.

Adygs (Circassians) – the heroic people of the past – know many examples of valour nowadays, too. Among the politicians they are not too few. The whole Adygeyan world of Diaspora torn off from the Native land, apprehended Khazret Sovmen’s victory in the presidential elections as a holiday and declared: “President Khazret Sovmen is the President of ours!” We do not refuse such words and we confirm them with the doubled confidence: “Khazret Sovmen’s losing as president is a loss for the Republic of Adygeya!”

Today Khazret Sovmen is a symbol of the nation separated in Caucasus, spread worldwide; actually he all alone counteracted the imperial system that did not stand any innovations, any initiatives or any objections. He has already made very many things both for his compatriots all around the world, and for the citizens of Adygeya. And he is still capable to increase greatly the achieved results.

The world committee for solidarity with the Republic of Adygeya declares that Khazret Sovmen’s resignation would have been the beginning of the end for the Adygeyan identity and originality, Adygeyan ethnos as a whole. The resignation would have entailed liquidation of the Republic of Adygeya sited on one of the first places where Adygeyan ethnos arose and developed during millenia, the national center of the whole Adygeyan world. The world committee for solidarity with the Republic of Adygeya calls:

Today, as never, the Adygeyan world should rally around the leader and defend that by the right of life belongs to the people: the Republic of Adygeya and its president – the symbols of Adygeyan (Circassian) nation, which had been through numerous historical cataclysms and, despite of anything, survived.

We call: Adygs and the whole world community must not admit the second after the Russian-Caucasian war of the XIX century Holocaust against Adygeyan (Circassian) people!

We put the equal-sign between the concepts Khazret Sovmen – the Republic of Adygeya – national prospects”.


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From: Eagle_wng  (Original Message) Sent: 2/9/2008 2:49 AM


“The Black Eagle” sent us the translation from the Adiga to the English Languages, of the famous “Yestanbelakwa” which reminds of the Circassian Genocide memories that Circassians were subjected to by the Russian Tsarist State, in the 19th Century:


Listen People, Listen Every One!!

The speaker is the old and Great Mountains of the Caucasus.

I want to remind you with one of worst tragedies of all times.


That day I went toward the the sea port!

Before I reached there I met a horseman…

When I saw the tears on the horseman’s beard, who barely saluted me,

I got mad, “This is not a thing men do”, I shouted on the young guy,

“Your Tears are only one step ahead”! The horseman said, and then he went away.

That step is waiting for me…

I got to a Cave.

The dead in the Cave where about Fifty.

If you count all the dead and the dying laying there, they were about five hundred…

A mother with open eyes gave the sole, while trying to breastfeed her baby!!

The baby was crying of hunger and calling his mother to breastfeed him, he was laid next to his mother’s chest, which he used to…

That unlucky born baby, was crying, dying of hunger.

His cry made the hearts of the dying laid there people, hurt more and more…

In a while the baby stopped crying, he could barely open his little eyes, and he was dead…

I took my “Shakwa” “Traditional Circassian Felt cloak” and made it a coffin for the mother and her son.

As the horseman said, I saw my tears on my Shakwa.

There I stood and shouted out with prayers…

Those who can hear me!!!!

Those who can help in this crisis??

All those who left Motherland suffered from Plague…

The most of those who left, either were lost in the sea or died of diseases and eaten by worms and insects!

They were lost in strange mountains and valleys; they were settled and left there to die…

Then you swear that you love our people, you will be happy if our mountaineers survive…

If that was true, why the ones who can’t survive are lost?

Our women were gathered and chained, next to Beys fountains whose bodies are valueless, why did you accept the injustice!!??

You saw everything with your eyes, why didn’t you bother to mention or write anything about it!?

Once you say you are the people of Shameel,

Once you say you were sent by Caliph,

Once you say you were sent by God,

Where do you want to take us with your lies??!!

Beasts, is what you do in life…

I wonder people like you, in what (Xabza) way should be buried?

On your tomb a big sign with snake head!!

When you dig the ground to put the tomb-sign, the ground would rejects that!

Your tombs describe what you are doing..

You come from devils’ origin…

Fire and earth will look the same, only pains in your hill!

All of what you really deserve, you become fodder for the swamp snakes??!!

Peoples’ curse will finish you; wickedness will end the wickedness…

Those who stayed and stalled with pains, your future is bless

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Adygeanatpress: Meeting Against Housing Code Of Russian Federation Passed

From: MSN NicknameEagle_wng  (Original Message)    Sent: 3/8/2006 12:44 AM
 In Adygeya capital meeting against Housing code  of Russian Federation passed

In Maykop on March 4th the protest meeting organized by the republican branch of Communist Party and the Council of Maykop workers passed. In the action nearby 500 people participated, over 10 orators spoke to the gathered, representing not only communists and the workers, but also the branch of the Agrarian party of Russia, Union of farmers of republic and the branch of the Incorporated industrial party of Russia presented by “Union of Slavs of Adygeya”.

As the leader of the Communist Party of Russian Federation in Adygeya Grigory Senin noted in the conversation with Caucasian unit correspondent, the meeting took place within the limits of the All-Russia protest action against adoption of the Housing code. “Therefore if in the previous actions, – he said, – we have appealed to the local authorities, spoke about unreasonable tariffs of housing and communal services, then in this case it was a question of the federal center which should carry out reforms more crucially”.

One more theme sounded at the meeting was removal out from the elections in the State Soviet-Khase of Adygeya election associations of the Russian parties. At the republican level removal had already occured in relation to the branch of the Agrarian party of Russia (and it can be cancelled now by the Supreme court of Russian Federation), as to the branch the Incorporated industrial party of Russia materials for its removal had been sent to the Supreme Court of Adygeya.

The orators named the parties’ removal from the election campaign unfair, assured that their participation would be restored and called the forces participating in the elections to refuse from “killing” their opponents in such way. We shall note: according to legislation the parties participating in the elections have an opportunity to convict their opponents in infringements of the law and to deprive them with their right for participation in the elections addressing to the Central Election Committee and the Supreme court of the subject of the federation. Such decisions are made by court rather quickly – in 5-day’s term.

Caucasian unit

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Radio Adiga: Circassians Worldwide In Protesting Against The Sochi Winter…

From: Eagle_wng  (Original Message) Sent: 9/20/2007 10:05 PM

20 09 2007

Circassians Worldwide in protesting against the Sochi Winter Olympics and the 450 year anniversary of the Russian-Kabarda Lie

The following summon posted on Adigha (yahoo) Group:

Come support Circassians Worldwide in protesting against the Sochi Winter Olympics and the 450 year anniversary of the Russian-Kabarda Lie.

Sochi Olympics

How are we to accept the Olympic Games to be played in Sochi and its surroundings which became a killing and burial grounds for our families as a result of the Russian invasion and genocide in Circassia?

Now the Russian Federation seeks to eliminate any last presence of the Circassian influence in the lands of Sochi. While at this time Circassians are not allowed to reside in Sochi and the Black Sea coast there is a systematic surge of foreigners repopulating the land. Come to the demonstration to show that Circassians have not forgotten their homeland.

450 Anniversary of the Russian-Kabarda Lie

If Kabarda had been voluntary adhered into Russia 450 years ago, then why was Kabarda invaded and fought for independence for the last 250 years? The Circassians believe that the Kremlin has deliberately twisted the history of the Circassian people who have been fighting against Russian rule for several centuries for their freedom. The Russians are attempting to neutralize the present questions regarding the Russian genocide and invasion of Circassia.

All Circassians who believe in our freedom must join and do whatever they can to campaign against the attempts of Russia to distort the realities and facts of our Circassian nation.

October 4th 2007


Russian Consulate- 9 East 91st Street (9:00am-10:30am)

United Nations- 47th and 1st Ave (11:00am-1:30pm)

Buses will be available so call to save a seat (Leaving 7:30am)

Any questions please call 973-519-1531 or email:

Radio Adiga

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