Chechenpress: Chechen Heroes Will Be Immortalized!

From: Eagle_wng

Chechen Heroes Will Be Immortalized!

On the 20 th of March, one of the readers of the site “Caucasian report” sent a picture to the edition, in which three coins of euro, among which there was one devoted to the memory of the Chechen President Aslan Mashadov. And, the inscription, accompanied this picture, was the following: “The Chechen Republic is represented by the person alike Aslan Mashadov”. There was nobody among Chechens, who would doubt that really Aslan Mashadov was portrayed in the coin of euro.

After that there was information of the Russian mass-media (“The Echo of Moscow”, “” and a lot of others), which tried to deny the information of the “Caucasian report”. Even the agency “” referring to the “Echo of Moscow” tried to catch Chechen journalists in a lie, having declared, “that the information about the official coin with Mashadov, most likely, mismatches the validity”.

We tried to understand the event. It turned out, that actually the specified coin was not the official means of payment, what did not mean at all, that the given coin was a fake and was produced out by Chechen counterfeiters somewhere in suburbs of Vedeno or Urus-Martan. The explanation is quite simple – the specified series of the coins of euro is a souvenir, and their cost according to the Internet is 23 euros. But whether this fact testifies about a lie?

We think that in connection with the tragedy, which happened on the 8 th of March, when the Russian authorities killed the lawfully elected President of the CRI Aslan Mashadov, the cost of this coin will increase several times. And it will become really invaluable for Chechens.

Our special indignation was caused by that the authoritative “Echo of Moscow” anticipated the above-stated false phrase with paradoxical lie of the following content: “… there has been no precedent that a person, having no attitude to the country minting euro, was portrayed in a coin”. Speaking normal language, the omniscient “Echo of Moscow” suddenly declares that Aslan Mashadov has no relation to Europe and its structures. Well, misters, this is already a really historical discovery applying for the Nobel Prize for lie. And if such a premium had existed, the president of Russia Putin – the greatest liar of all time and peoples, could have challenged the award of the “Echo of Moscow”.

If to believe the information of the “Echo of Moscow”, than how to explain the intervention of the European structures in the affairs of the Chechen Republic , creation of the inter-parliamentary groups the Duma-PACE? What to do with Gross with his “Round table” about the problems of the Chechen Republic ? Eventually, if Russia declares the Chechen Republic to be its integral part, whether it means now, that Russia has no relation to Europe ? Or does it mean that Russia refuses the Chechen Republic ? Generally, there is one lie after another…

And just recently the true essence has been revealed. It turned out, that long before the “Caucasian Report” the information about the euro with the portray of Mashadov was published in “Komsomolskaya Pravda”, which, knowing the essence of the event, was cowardly watching how the most authoritative “Echo of Moscow”, which, having pulled out the striking weapon named a “lie”, tried to challenge the information of Chechen journalists.

It is interesting, how now, when the truth has got outside, the Russian mass-media – “The Echo of Moscow”, “” will explain with the “Komsomolskaya Pravda”, which for the first time published the information about euro with Aslan Mashadov .

And it is absolutely amusing – whether the “Komsomolskaya Pravda” will demand a satisfaction from Europeans for the phrase : “Representatives of the European Union in Moscow have regarded the information about the release of euro with Mashadov as groundless”? Apparently, from this phrase Europeans accuse of lie not already Chechens, but the author of the article Paul Sadkov from the “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

But we believe that there will be no “bullfight” and there will be no mutual claims, because the true name of the Russian mass-media – Means of Manipulation with Information, where their main manipulators are the Kremlin and Lubyanka.

And European politicians, who so primitively try to refuse to have anything to do with this scandal, on the contrary, have turned out to be in its center, and honor of the European uniform has again turned out to be thoroughly dirtied.

And here again and again we ascertain the true, that interests of the European politicians mismatch the interests of their people, and it means, that contrary to the will of politicians streets and squares of European countries will be named after heroes of the Chechen Republic, and Chechen leaders will be immortalized not only in the European coins.

Though it is not desirable for the Kremlin vampires and politicians, serving them from Europe , real Englishmen, Frenchmen, Germans, Poles and other Europeans yet have not lost the belief in validity and know the true price of Freedom and Independence .

Mairbek Taramov, for Chechenpress, 01.04.05

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Window On Eurasia: Sarkozy Plan Does Not Restore Status Quo Ante In Georgia Whatever Anyone Thinks, Moscow Analyst Says

Monday, November 10, 2008


Window on Eurasia: Sarkozy Plan Does Not Restore Status Quo Ante in Georgia Whatever Anyone Thinks, Moscow Analyst Says

Paul Goble

Vienna, November 10 – An increasing number of Europeans appear to believe that the ceasefire accord worked out by French President Nicolas Sarkozy with the leaders of Russia and Georgia restored the status quo ante before the August war, but they could not be more wrong, according to a leading Moscow analyst on the region.
In a speech to a conference in Ankara, Andrei Areshev said that such a conclusion is “mistaken at its core” because it fails to “take into consideration” the geopolitical shifts following the conflict and “especially after Russia’s recognition of Abkhazia and South Ossetia as independent states” (
And he warned that “if the proposals of the Russian Federation for the demilitarization of Georgia, the placement of limitations on its military, and the creation of an effective monitoring system are blocked (or not heard), then this will be for Moscow a clear and unambiguous signal that sooner or later there will be a renewal of military operations”
Moreover, “give the experience of 2004 and 2008, Russia will hardly wait when [someone or other attacks South Ossetia and Abkhazia a third time,” he continued. It reserves the right to move first and not only against countries in the region but also against others who may back those countries against Russia.
“The strategy of Russia for guaranteeing security on its southern borders presupposes the identification of the basic sources of threats,” the Moscow analyst said. These threatens can come from “both individual states and blocks of states and from other” entities “which are the instrument for the realization of the interests of external forces.”
Those words were clearly directed not only at the European Union but more generally. According to Areshev, “in the absence of an effective dialogue on regional security with the European Union and especially the US, the creation of a system of collective security capable of responding to crises … is becoming an ever more important task.”
None of the existing organizations – not the UN or the OSCE – is effective, and consequently, all the relevant powers need to come together to discuss what might be done, something Moscow has proposed but that neither the Europeans nor the Americans have responded to.
Turkey’s proposal for a regional security platform represents a useful contribution to such a discussion, Areshev said. But because it too fails to recognize how much has changed in the Caucasus after the five day war, there are three aspects in the plan “which require further discussion.”
First, the Turkish proposal excludes Iran. That makes it “incomplete,” Areshev says. “The rapprochement of Russia and Iran is a stabilizing factor,” something at least some member countries of the European Union appreciate and also something that limits what he said were American efforts designed to promote “the destabilization of the region.”
Second, the Turkish proposal does not oppose the inclusion of Georgia in NATO or the rearmament of Georgia after the war, either of which, Areshev insists, “will make more difficult the realization of any peace-keeping initiatives in the Caucasus. Instead, both such actions will make conflict more likely.
Russia would respond to “a strengthening of NATO in the Caucasus” in many ways, including possibly seeking “the transformation of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) into “a fully-formed military-political union” and its expansion to include “new countries, in particular Iran.”
And third, Areshev argues, no collective security arrangements in the Caucasus will be possible unless “the interests of Abkhazia and South Ossetia” and other “unrecognized or partially recognized states” are taken into account, something that the Turkish Platform as currently formulated does not do.
Areshev suggests that the next steps in the new southern Caucasus should the neutralization of all the countries in the south Caucasus, agreements on the non-use of force among them, the promotion of economic integration, and guarantees for the uninterrupted flow of oil and gas through and around the region.
Other Russian commentators have made one or more of these points before in recent weeks, but both Areshev’s authority as an analyst with close ties to the Russian security services and the tenor and tone of his remarks underscore just how much has changed in the south Caucasus since August 8th

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Head of Hasania settlement administration shot in Kabardino-Balkaria

From: eagle_wng
 Head of Hasania settlement administration shot in Kabardino-Balkaria


In the night on May, 15th in Hasania settlement the head of the settlement administration Artur Zokaev was shot, informed IA REGNUM correspondent. According to preliminary data the murder was committed in the midnight. A. Zokaev went out his private household in the street to answer a car signal. His relatives heard shots of a machine-gun; when they appeared in the street a car had been already off. Medical experts found nine bullet wounds of Kalashnikov machine-gun and two control shots in head made with Stechkin gun.

“Public considers the event as a political murder,- stated to IA REGNUM correspondent A.Zokaev’s deputy Ramazan Friev. According to Friev’s words A. Zokaev was very firm against integration Hasania to Nalchik city and insisted on referendum on that question. Such referendum, planned on May 29th was abused by Nalchik city Office of Prosecutor. On May 23 in Nalchik city court a case about referendum will be considered.

With a new territorial division of Kabardino-Balkaria a part of Balkarian settlement disagrees. Several times they addressed to Kabardino-Balkarian president Valeriy Kokov and plenipotentiary of Russian president in the SFD Dmitry Kozak with a request for reconsideration of the republican decision about integration of two Balkarian settlements Belaya Rechka and Hasania to Nalchik city and giving the status of town to Elbrus settlement.

Office of Prosecutor of Kabardino-Balkarian Republic instituted criminal proceeding

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Caucasian Knot: A Highway Being Built In Adygeya Within World Natural Heritage

From: Eagle-wng


A highway being built in Adygeya within world natural heritage

The non-government environment protection center “NABU-Kavkaz” in Adygeya has registered large-scale construction of a highway on the territory of the World Natural Heritage (WNH). This has been revealed in the course of a regular public environmental inspection conducted by the organization on July 26-29.

Mikhail Plotnikov, head of the organization, told the “Caucasian Knot” correspondent that ecologists examined the region of the so-called “Armenian Shelter” located in the upper reaches of the river Armianka and adjoining the Stone Sea ridge. This region is part of the protected zone of the Caucasian nature reserve which was included into the WNH “Western Caucasus” in 1999.

The ecologist notes that earlier they knew about the construction of a road from Guzeriple to “Guerrilla Glade” which is in the direct proximity of the WNH boundaries. Work is being actively carried out now. However, this was not enough and the builders intend build the road inside the especially protected natural zone with an international status.

According to the ecologist, tourists may see felled trees lying disorderly on the side of the road. “Beautiful silver fir-trees against the background of majestic rocks are cut by an ugly scar of the trees felled for the highway construction,” he said. “There is an impression that the work is being done in haste, while the environmental legislation violations is not heavily publicized “.

According to ecologists, the highway is built by the ООО “Autobun”.

See earlier reports: “Ecologists ask to change the agenda of UNESCO mission to Krasnodar Territory and Adygea”, “Court decision on zoning the Sochi National Park cancelled in Adygea”, “Ecologist from Adygea calls Russian journalists to cover the case of the Sochi National Park”.

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Дорого Лариса: шъхьаусыгъор Муслимхэм я фитыныгъэхэр зэракъутагъэхэр ары

From: RadioAdiga  (Original Message) Sent: 12/9/2007 10:53 AM

Дорого Лариса: шъхьаусыгъор Муслимхэм я фитыныгъэхэр зэракъутагъэхэр ары


Истанбул дэт конгресс гупчэм Исламфобия – Исламымрэ Муслимхэмрэ ащыщынэным ехьылIагъэу, Тыгъэгъазэм и 8-9 мафэхэм конференция щызэзэхэщагъэм хэлажьэхэрэм ащыщ Къэбэрдей-Бэлкъарым къикIигъэу адвокат Дорого Лариса.

Къэбэрдей-Бэлкъар Муслимхэм арагъэщэчырэр, я фитыныгъэхэр зэракъутэрэм теуфагъэу ащ къызэрэщыпсэлъагъэр Фитыныгъэ Радиом къыриIуагъ, «Диныр джы тэрэзэу кIэлэгъуалэм ыIыгъынэу фитэп, Мэсджыдым тэрэзэу кIонэу фитэп, цIыфыбзхэр «радикаль техьагъэ мусульман» аIуи, я унэхэр къаплъахьы, тIэкIу тешIэ къэс къакIохи ащэх, я Iэхъуамбэ тырадзи тырахы, мыщ афэдэу гугъу арагъахьы. Ар тэрэзэп, лъэпкъыхэм зэдаштагъэ хабзэхэмкIи (международная закона) тэрэзэп, Россием и хабзэ лъапсэмкIи (конституция) тэрэзэп.» къыIуагъ Ларисэм.

Лариса зэрилъытэрэмкIэ Нальчик, Чъэпыогъум и 13, 2005 къэхъу-къашIэхэм ушъхьагъоу афэхъугъэр Муслимхэм я фитыныгъэхэр зэракъутагъэхэр ары. Адвокат Дорого Лариса зэриIорэмкIэ а къэхъу-къашIэхэр джыри къэмыхъугъэхэу афэлэжьэщтыгъ Муслимхэм, я Iофхэм афеплъыщтыгъ, афэтхэщтыгъ ыкIи къыIотагъэх сыдэущтэу ащэхэри зэраубыкIыщтыгъэхэр, тыркъохэр яIэу къызэрагъэнэщтыгъэхэр. Шъхьаем ахэр Къбэрдей-Бэлкъарым и Президентыми, ХэбзакIоми (Прокурор), Путиными къырадзагъэхэп.

Конференция къекIолIагъэх хэгъэгу кортым къарикIыгъэхэри, Тыркуем исхэри, 2,000 фэдиз.

Радио Адыгэ

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Natpress: Adygeya President Met Students And Teachers Of MSTU

From: Eagle-wng

Adygeya president met students and teachers of MSTU

On March, 31 the President of Adygeya Republic Aslan Tkhakushinov visited the Maykop state technological university. During the event the leader of the republic was accompanied by Minister of education and science of Adygeya Republic Ramazan Bedanokov.

At the meeting with the rector of the university Khazret Bliagoz, teachers and students of the high school, the head of the republic mentioned sharp problems of the higher schools in the country, discussed by scientists. Necessity of reorganization of the whole educational system of the country in view of the increased needs in nano-technologies was also sounded.

- Our educational system had been the best in the world, – the leader of the republic said, – But, unfortunately, now no university or institute of our country is included into the rating of the 100 world best high schools. The reason for that is our educational institutions do not verify their opportunities with the needs of the state for the highly technological branches of economy. The MSTU and the other high schools of our republic should work for educating of the necessary experts.

During the meeting Aslan Tkhakushinov answered a number of questions of teachers and students. In many respects they concerned the problem of implementation of the high school material base, social conditions of students and employment support of its graduates. Aslan Tkhakushinov told that under the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of Adygeya Republic the university was allocated 10 million rubles for finishing construction of the student’s polyclinic and development of the medical institute in the structure of the МSTU.

The minister of education and science of Adygeya Republic informed that under the initiative of the President of Adygeya Republic at the federal centre the question on foundation in Adygeya of a department of the Academy of Sciences of Russian Federation was studied. Such department would be formed on the base of the Adygeya scientific research institute. In the long term the department should become a centre of science on various directions.

At the end of the meeting the rector of the MSTU Khazret Bliagoz on behalf of the International award chamber handed to Aslan Tkhakushinov “Award of Caucasus” for his significant success in the long-term fruitful political and scientific-pedagogical activities and the huge personal contribution to the development of science, culture and education in Adygeya Republic.


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