Window on Eurasia: Sochi Countdown – One Week to the Olympiad in the North Caucasus

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Window on Eurasia: Sochi Countdown – 2 Weeks to the Olympiad in the North Caucasus

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119 Days to the Circassian Genocide 150th year Commemoration

119 Days to the Circassian Genocide 150th year Commemoration

Document # 79

423. from Major General Raevsky to Vorontsov

From May 25, 1840 No. 69 – page 489.

“… I am the opposite of what is prevalent, I ventured and asked a question in St.Pittsburg which concludes that preventing salt trading with the mountaineers will hamper their suppression, and will encourage smuggling and strengthens the impact of Turkey, and other than that, it compels mountaineers to search for ways to survive independently from Russia .. . When there where salt trade-offs with the mountaineers previously, they did not make any hostile attempts. Novo – Troyitske is living proofs of how far can those peaceful relations go through trade with the mountaineers and how much we can improve the situation of the garrisons along the entire east coast.

I found approximately 20 cows in Novo – Troyitske, enough to feed garrison fresh meat for more than six months… The mountaineers purchase used shirts from our soldiers at high prices. And our enemies the Ubykh, who do not deal with us in trade, are infiltrating our forts risking their lives taking out the bodies of our soldiers just to take their shirts and shrouds….”

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Window on Eurasia: Upsurge in Terrorism in Russia ‘Not Just about Sochi’ and Won’t End with Olympiad, Analyst Says

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120 Days to the Circassian Genocide 150th year Commemoration

120 Days to the Circassian Genocide 150th year Commemoration

Document # 66

From Chirinechev to General Golovin, from 24-02-1840 No. 117 pages 242.

“… The main objective of this action which was represented in putting an end to the foreign relations of the mountaineers, has been almost achieved and there’s no doubt that it would be fully achieved with the proposed solution of increasing the number of boats in the Azov Sea and the use of steamboats to float alongside coasts, then we would have to seize two or three coastal centers so that we can fully accomplish the first part of the overall system for the suppression of the mountaineers. Then, when the right time comes we will use of arms against the mountaineers in any place we don’t find full and unconditional obedience and those acts must be carried out just like Major General Grabbi’s vision, with strong forces, and not small sections of the army…

And with the seizure of the territory and forts, either the forces of the Black Sea or the Malarosque Cossacks – who where resettled there – should seize whatever is left behind, according to E.V.‘s study on the means and systems for a firm suppression upon the Caucasus. ”

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121 Days to the Circassian Genocide 150th year Commemoration

121 Days to the Circassian Genocide 150th year Commemoration

Document 316

27 July 1864 – Order for the Caucassian Army with the announcement of Alexander II’ s order to end the Caucassian war.

Billy Kljuc base

On the occasion of ending the Caucassian war His Majesty the Emperor asked me to express his appreciation to the High distinguished service provided by the Caucasian military with all its units to declare the following:

“To His Royal Highness Prince

Culminated with the brilliant achievements by the Caucasian forces led by its heroic leaders who waged long bloody wars in order to protect our lands adjacent to the Caucasus lands, and our brothers in religion from brutal attacks of Muslims invasions after they put their fate in the hands of Russia, and to the adoption of peace in a country that was from the ancient days an arena for internal conflicts and looting.

The honorable task to end the process of conquering the West Caucasus, which lasted a century and a half and a declaration to the Russian people that the Caucasus has become free from all the hostile tribes, was your highness’s victory.

On this great occasion, and for the praise for the tremendous efforts made by the Caucasian army in order to reach such a happy ending in the long-term conflict I ordered the Secretary of War to established the following medals:

1) A Cross as a special memorial of conquering the Caucasus to be given to every officer and soldier who took part in the military operations against hostile Caucasian tribes.

2) A special Medal for conquering western Caucasus to those who participated in military operations in the last 4 years from the year 1859, until 1864, and a reward for the distinctive heroic acts carried out by the Caucasian army in the final phase of the war to achieve the great Caucasus conquer. The government ordered the following:

1. Approval for a new military service compulsory for those who entered military service on 8 September 1859, and those who apply to the law of compulsory service for 20 years for the right of retirement and those who are serving or have served in the Caucasian Army before 1864, a period of 15 years, while retaining this right also when transferred to other forces outside the Caucasian region.

The Secretary of War assigned to issue orders to refer to the mentioned militants and those who have served 15 years before January 1st of 1864 and the law does not prevent them from retirement.

2. Reducing the duration of compulsory military service for all components of Kuban Cossack Forces and Terek Cossack Forces up to 15 years of field service, and 7 years of inside the country service.

This is my will that I need your highness to declare for the brave Caucasian Army, which have the glory and thanks from our beloved country, on this great achievement of peace in the whole Caucasus region in favor of the Russian state, and to you we give our lasting gratitude and pride.

Written by His Majesty the Emperor: Loving Honestly, Alexander

On July the 2nd of 1864 – the town of Krasnueh Selo.

I have the pleasure to be appointed to transfer to you the will of the High Commissioner; you brave sons of the Caucasian army.

The leaders of armies in the areas of Kuban, the Turk, Dagestan and the province of Kotys ordered to circulate this in all brigades and Cossack battalions after an official thankful prayer party that will be held in all units on the dates that will be determined at a later time, but in the region beyond the Caucasus I declare local administrators to circulate this order in the regions of their management.

The signing of the Commander in Chief Major General Mikhail

State Archives of the Krasnodar Territory, p. 347, op. 1, 52, p. 5-7.

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122 Days to the Circassian Genocide 150th year Commemoration

122 Days to the Circassian Genocide 150th year Commemoration

Document 239

5 January 1864

The letter of the Commander in Chief of the Caucasus Army, Great Duke Mikhail Nikolayevich, addressed to the Minister of War Milutin, in regard to providing possible assistance to the sailors who wish to settle in the Eastern coast of the Black Sea.

After the end of the Crimean War, there are large numbers of retired sailors and their families residing in the city of Stavropol and the city of Nikolayev, and they do not have savings or work.

For the importance and necessity to accelerate the process of settlement in the coast line by inhabitants that have the knowledge of how to deal with the sea, and knowledge of maritime affairs, and over time the possibility to avail individuals able to work in the navy. I kindly request from Your Excellency to provide the possible support to bring in individuals willing to settle the Eastern coast of the Black Sea from the families of the retired sailors who have children, and if their families are without children, then the members of these families must not be very old.

And whoever declares his wish to settle the Caucasus, must be present in Fort Constantine at the end of May 1864, and could be brought onboard government vessels or the vessels belonging to the Russian companies, as for the cost of transportation and feeding them during the process of transportation, will be disbursed that from the amounts that have been allocated from the capital of the Administration of the Black Sea Region earmarked for the construction of rural houses for sailors working near the city and the cities of Nikolayev and Stavropol, therefore who have the desire to move to the Caucasus, there will be the need to build new houses for them. As for the government departments in the Caucasus, in addition to granting lands to settlers, they would present them with aids, rights and privileges mentioned in provisions related to settling the plains of the Western regions of the Caucasus Mountains.

I request from Your Excellency to let us know the orders of His Majesty the Emperor.

Government Archives – Georgia, P .416, and by .3, B .221, for .1-2.

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