Arresting Circassian Nationalists on False Accusations


Arresting Circassian Nationalists on False Accusations

By: Imad Shabsough

24 June, 2019

It is not a coincidence that Circassian nationalists and peaceful citizens such as Martin Kochesoko, Orhan Barsik and others are arrested by the Russian police through out the North Caucasus. Circassian activists are targeted, while unfair and oppressive charges are pressed in brutal and inhumane manner.

In order to have legal protection to arrest people who actually didn’t commit any public offense or crime, they follow immoral approach. Their main intention is to criminalize those who are unjustifiably targeted on charges they are innocent of.

It is not surprising that the law enforcement agencies fabricate vague charges that cannot be proven to be credible. Their main objective is to immediately arrest the nationalists, in order to interrogate them in whatever the authorities wish.

Disgustingly, after 20 months of detention with no proper trial, Orhan was not convicted. Due to the vigorous efforts of his family and friends, he was released, but the Russian authorities have cancelled his Russian citizenship and confiscated his achieved PhD academic qualifications.

By knowing Orhan Barsik, Martin Kochesoko and other sincere activists, we will reach the fact that it is disconcerting that the authorities and their agents, keep pushing to defame the reputation of the activists, knowing that there is no concrete or material proof of

the authorities’ pressed false fabrications and accusations.

Seemingly, the authorities believed that the activists’ effectiveness among the citizens of the region may place the direct control of the security and intelligence agencies at risk and will endanger the iron fist of the police-state policies.

The activists are accused of addressing topics of interest to the Circassian nation in the present and future within the applicable laws. They engage in peaceful activities and the express their ideas freely clearly and explicitly, in the areas that the Circassians reside at.



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