Russian Provocation in North and South Caucasus

Russian Provocation in North and South Caucasus

It’s already been noted elsewhere that Moscow’s bogus drug charges against Circassian activists such as Martin Kochesoko are most likely attempts to provoke a violent reaction from the Circassians, which would “justify” a Russian military response.

I’m actually somewhat surprised with the apparent threat that Moscow perceives from the Circassians. When I wrote my article, “The Circassian Factor in Russian-Middle East Relations” I wondered if I was overstating the effect the Syrian Circassians are having on Moscow and the growing repatriation movement. But these completely unprovoked attacks on Circassian activists do seem to confirm my suspicions (although planting drugs on activists throughout the Caucasus seems to be the modus operandi of Russian security forces these days, so there’s that).

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