Attempts to Restore Faded Glories of an Empire

Attempts to Restore Faded Glories of an Empire

By: Adel Bashqawi

January 1, 2021


The passage of time has not changed domineering colonial mindset since the era of adopting the policy of expansion, conquest and despotism of the Russian Empire. The change of successive regimes has proven that their colonial mentality has never changed, while the successive generations who adopted and still embrace ideas, principles and rituals, which are contrary to democratic basics and the principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Actually,  they still behave in contradiction with human concepts in their activities, words and deeds. Obviously, it is neither the ruling regimes, nor the Russian Orthodox Church, nor the extremist groups associated with them, believe to this day to stop marginalizing others, as they have not kept pace with the development of technology in line with respect of others irrespective of their origin, culture, or religion, where the progress of science has not changed the superficial view based on expansionist nationalism. In short, it is indispensable to address the traditional exclusionary methods and failure to understand what a respect for human dignity represents. However, the Circassians through their intellectuals, steer the moral compass and present the facts that speak for themselves. The narrow-minded parties can’t adapt to technologies based on global civilization that considers mutual respect that would include all peoples and nations with no exception. Thus, they create crises to break the laws according to different perspectives, mainly, for the sake of intimidating the peoples and nations, who were victims of the colonial policies of barbaric invasion and their consequences.


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