Musa Stone/”Kavkaz – Center”: Putin’s Daughters On Illegal Position

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Putin’s daughters on illegal position

Putin’s daughters, trainees under some data at the St.-Petersburg university, are on actual illegal position. Nobody from teachers and pupils of this educational institution, know how Putin’s children look like.

The Russian mass-media informed, that 20-years Maria has chosen a speciality of the biologist, and 18-years Ekaterina has decided to study the Japanese language and has entered on oriental faculty.

 Russian sourcesadded that all teachers of university have received the strict indication not to speak about Putin’s daughters . On first of September academic year had begun. But non of Vladimir Putina’s daughters had appeared within the precincts of university.

Maria Putina appears in lists on day time branch in the seventh group at number eleven. «But only the girl has not reached to us yet. And hardly she will arrive here. Anyway, any special orders on a post did not act », – one security guard had said. Meanwhile in the summer as security guards have said, during entrance examinations at university have strengthened protection.

« On first of September nobody from our students doubted, that street here will be blocked, and the building of university will be surrounded, therefore many have arrived in an hour earlier than the beginning of occupation. But all has passed silently. Only the dean of faculty before the beginning of educational process has made solemn speech. And with pathos informed, that now Putin’s daughters study in our institute . A pier, it is honourable, that the president has given children to Petersburg university.But only we have not seen those girls yet. And, to tell the truth, we do not even imagine, how they look like », –  students of the third rate said.

In the meantime according to the Russian mass-media Ekaterina Putina entered the institute under  another surname. On entrance examinations she ostensibly was brought by her grandmother. When Ekaterina passed examinations, nobody from members of a selection committee assumed, that  Putin’s daughter was in the audience .

By the data of « Moscow Comsomolec » Putin’s daughters have stayed to live in Moscow. They will be trained under specially developed individual program. As a manual of university had explained , sick students who are not capable to attend university are usually trained.

All this history with Putin’s daughters – incognito frankly discredits the leader of the Kremlin. It is possible, that the information about their ostensibly receipt in the St.-Petersburg university is standard chekist’s operation of covering, and they never appeared at this university, and actually live, somewhere on Sardinia on one of Putin’s secret country houses.

The owner of the country has transferred children to illegal position, having replaced their surnames and strictly having forbidden to publish their photos. Putin is afraid, so feels behind itself such fault which, in his opinion, can cost lives to his family. The illegal status of his daughters only confirms this fact and shows a real condition of authority of Putin to the Russian society.

How such person can provide safety of the state and its citizens even if his own family is compelled to be in hiding?

Musa Stone, “Caucasus – center”, 20.09.05

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