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Whether will be among us the people who are not dreamed in the childhood about romanticism of travel, long navigations and dangerous adventures much? But the majority, becoming adults, for some reason devote itself to ordinary trades far from youthful hobbies, and the hero of our sketch – usual in general the fellow from

shapsugskogoaul Kalezh- has remained is true to itself and quite osoznannohas embodied youthful dreams in a reality, for many-many years having connected the life with the sea.
Today, looking at Igor Madinovicha Hutova, here many years living in Tuapse, it is difficult even to present, how many to it one thousand sea miles and tens overseas countries where to it has had the luck to visit was necessary to transfer all and
vydjuzhit, and in fact behind shoulders of this surprising person who more recently has stepped a seventy-year boundary of a life, not. It is still full of unforgettable impressions and memoirs on how all was, ready to tell hours about surprising and cognitive things that does it really by the most valuable interlocutor.

In due time the hobby for the sea for Igor Madinovicha has begun with love to geography. It read much, hours did not depart from cards, could name blindly a site of the states, oceans, the rivers and mountains. Even more senior comrades on the school, known about its talent, quite often found an occasion to check up this knowledge in practice. Also were surprised to that, how much freely Igor felt in this elements.
Shortly before receipt in school Igor and its sister Lyudmila have remained without parents. To it on that time only “has knocked” five years, the little sister for two years was more younger. To rescue kids from children’s home relatives, have taken them on education in the families. So Igor has appeared at grandmother Kurak and cousin sisters of father Goshaj and
Goshehuraj. Left eight-year school in a native aul, among the big group of contempoparies it has gone to Tuapse. Unique of all friends, Igor has absolutely unexpectedly decided to act in a Vocational school prepared experts for a marine sea fleet. Has received a speciality of a fitter. Its labour life has begun in the summer of 1954 when Hutovhas got on the Novorossisk ship-repair factory where has worked two years. Then has returned to Tuapse, has served in army. Having got demobilize, it was arranged in morportwith a mechanic. And in 1967 in Igor’s life the most interesting period, for many years closely connected with the sea has begun.
On courts of foreign navigation it has lead more than twenty years. Possessing a greater set of “sea” specialities – the sailor, the electric welder, a mechanic,
mashinistaand others – Igor Madinovich has appeared here in the elements. Frequent sea campaigns, visiting of foreign countries have allowed it to check up the knowledge of geography received in the childhood in practice.
First foreign voyage
Hutovhas remembered well. In July, 1966 the ship on which it worked, has headed for Vietnam where at that time there was a bloody war. Memory of the beginner has kept this campaign rich on excitements and sensations of danger, in all details.
- During Soviet time where we happened in what a complex situation were, and it turned out even so, that we often unexpectedly got in most baked the armed military conflicts developed between the foreign states, always felt in safety because we were protected with the Soviet flag and the high status of Soviet Union as mighty world power which during that time were afraid and respected with everything, – tells Igor Madinovich. – I remember even the indicative episode, occured in the summer of 1967 when we floated Suez canal during the a?aai-Israeli opposition. Opponents settled down on different coast of the channel and is merciless from instruments fired at positions each other. Anybody from them, having caught sight of a red flag and recognition symbols of our ship, did not dare even to open fire on the enemy, God forbid, to not get in the Soviet vessel. And in 85-th Americans have started to bomb port Libyan city Tripoli only after from here send away six Soviet cargo ships, including on what I worked. Now all, unfortunately, differently: for a long time nobody is afraid of us, so, and respect a little…
Igor Madinovich, bitterly sighing, tells about recent misadventures familiar
tuapsinskihthe seamen delivered by the ship, gone under the Russian flag, a peace cargo to Vietnam. One of them, having returned to native city, has shown on the back mutilated by impacts of a bamboo stick, evident traces of true respect of foreigners to citizens of modern Russia. And the scandalous case with false arrest of group of our seamen in Nigeria in general is outstanding, – it is convinced. By the way, one of seamen, captain Pahomov, two years lead to nigerian prison as it was found out, come from Tuapse, is shapsugskimthe son-in-law – its spouse from sort Husht.
- It is difficult to me to get used to an idea, that our children, performing especially peace work, having appeared abroad, in the majority for some reason are deprived of civil rights and defenceless, – Igor Madinovich reflects. – Unless it is possible to look at all event without indignation and insults?
In biography
Hutovarich and sated, was two round-the-world travel, long sea voyages to the most exotic countries of the world, even a campaign to ice Arctic regions where long 23 days the Soviet seamen have lead in outer darkness, not seeing a beam of the sun.
- Yes, in a life there was everyone, – recollects Igor Madinovich. – But how it was heavy, impressions from seen nevertheless remains much more – I have never regretted that has cast in the lot with the sea.
Coming back in become to native Tuapse, it from time to time devoted itself(himself) to pedagogical activity, transferred the richest experience of youth, as well as it dreamed about sea romanticism. Igor Madinovich, in different years
nagrazhdennyjfor the excellent job by medals ” For labour difference ” and ” 300 years to the Russian fleet “, a lot of certificates of honour, blagodarnostejand encouragements, has worked some years the teacher in city Technical training college which once finished itself, has made five releases of young experts.
On pension
Hutovhas left in 1990. Gradually got used to a quiet and measured life on coast, supported working and friendly contacts to colleagues. Were during lives of the hero of our sketch and the tragical pages connected with destruction of both sons. Overcoming mental anguish of loss, the father has found in itself forces not only to return by a high-grade life, but also again to smile in the answer to the people who have supported it in the most difficult days. Always with impatience it waits the grand daughter, the daughter of younger son Evgenie, Inna – it lives in the city of Nevinnomyssk, studies in 9-th class, sincerely loves the grandfather, is proud of it.
19 years ago Igor Madinovich has connected the life with
HanifojJAkubovnojSimonovoj(Kuadzhe) – it here many years works as the teacher in tuapsinskomthe TECHNICAL TRAINING COLLEGE ? 9, is one of the most skilled and successful teachers of city, the winner of many prestigious professional competitions.
In the beginning 90 in the most difficult for
shapsugskogonational social movement years Igor Hutov was among active workers AdygeHase, took part in all congresses shapsugovBlack Sea Coast. There is no it away from public affairs and today, is a member city HaseTuapse, the old friend and the reader of our newspaper.
The most important, in my opinion, nevertheless not it. Igor Hutov – from among those, unfortunately, few people who contrary to all difficulties, troubles and problems, always remained the present person living on conscience, and it which have been brought up in
adygskojto environment, never deceived it. The working career of the hero of our sketch, polzujushchegogreater respect in people, can safely be an example for many representatives of modern youth whom, it is assured, is from whom “to do” the life.


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