Adygeanatpress: Seminar In San Francisco State University

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Seminar in San Francisco State University
San Francisco (California, USA) is one of the most beautiful ports in the USA, a favourite place of tourists, a center of intelligency where congresses and conferences often pass.

On Wednesday on November, 30th, 2005 in the State university of San Francisco (SUSF) the local seminar concerning the USA foreign policy and results of American influence on the world economic took place.

The representative of Worldwide Circassian Brotherhood administration – Mohammed Kazanov (Nalchik) acted with a short report-presentation devoted to the U.S. communications with the Kingdom of Jordan and the national minorities living in it, one of which is Adygeyan (Circassian) Diaspora numbering nearby 30 thousand people.

Teachers, professors and students of SUSF, present at the seminar had been pleasantly surprised with confidential relations of Hashemite Royal family, personally King Abdullah II and Prince Ali with Adygs living in Jordan, who organized full protection of the royal palace, had many predominating posts in the government and the army.

The mention of the recent explosion in the capital of Jordan – Amman – that had taken away lives of more than 60 men, including several Adygs, caused silence and affliction on the listeners’ faces.

The report ended with words about support of the national minorities in the democratic states and strengthening of the U.S.-Jordanian relations by way of mutually advantageous economic and political arrangements.

“We may consider as achievement that,” – declared Mohammed Kazanov in his conversation with WCB President Zamir Shuhov, – “that today more and more people around the world learn about Adygeyan nation, are interested in our history and culture, admire with our customs and traditions”.

In the nearest future Mohammed Kazanov intends to meet with some known figure of Pakistan married a Circassian woman, and living in San Francisco for some years.

Worldwide Circassian Brotherhood

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