Adygeanatpress:In Adygeya IKEA Trading Centre Will Be Opened

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In Adygeya IKEA trading centre will be opened

Adygeya prime minister Asfar Hagur met on December, 16th representatives of the Swedish company IKEA in Tahtamukaysky district. IА REGNUM correspondent reported about it referring to the republican TV. As the prime-minister noted in the conversation with journalists, Investors had chosen the republic on their own; and the president Khazret Sovmen charged to him to carry on the negotiations.

At the meeting they talked about the report of intentions, choice of place near Krasnodar on the road to Novorossisk. Construction of the trade center would begin in the beginning of 2006, informed Hagur.

According to the head of the district administration Aslan Huako, the implementation promised considerable benefits to the republic. “Those are property tax, surtax, profit tax. But the most important is that in the district there are almost 12,5 thousand unemployed, I certainly mean workplaces. IKEA shopping center will give 2 thousand workplaces”, – told Huako.

The price of the project is about 200 million US dollars. In organizing of electric power communications for the future trade centre, water and gas regional divisions would take part; the Cabinet incurred registration of necessary documentation.


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