Adygeanatpress: European Union Will Open Representation In Northern Caucasus

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European Union will open representation in Northern Caucasus

The European Union in the nearest future will open its representation in Northern Caucasus. Presumably, in Vladikavkaz, as declared the commissioner on external communications Benita Ferrero-Waldner. As she said, the European Union allocated 20 million euro for aid programs in Northern Caucasus. First of all, on financing of public health services, education and forming of workplaces, including Chechen Republic, informed “Echo of Moscow”.

In Alexander Cherkasov’s opinion (representative of the legal expert society “Memorial”) the EU assistance to Northern Caucasus, and first of all Chechen Republic, certainly, was necessary. But it should include two aspects: financial help and help in the form of close watch over the situation in the region. The help in the form of pressure upon Russia is necessary for Caucasus in order to force Kremlin to observe the international obligations it had taken on.

Alexander Cherkasov was convinced that material aid of the EU would be effective only in the case when Russia behaved in the civilized way. If Russian Federation accepted significant financial assets all over again, and after then all questions it replied in style “And you in America lynch Negroes”, any assistance of the EU will appear absolutely unproductive.

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