Nalchik’s “Spartak” football team replenishes with Georgian footballers

From: Eagle_wng
Nalchik’s “Spartak” football team replenishes  with Georgian footballers

Nalchik “Spartak” intends to fill up the team with defender of the Georgian football team Alexander Amisulashvili. “Dynamo” of Kiev that holds the rights for the 23-years old football player, is ready to rent him to let the legionary get some game practice at the serious level.

According to “Sport-Express” correspondent, the teams – debutants of the prime-league plan to solve that issue before the end of the inter-season period, and Amisulashvili himself will arrive to “Spartak” sport-base after his physical examination and signing of the rent contract.

Another football player with experience in the combined team of Georgia, 23-years old basic halfback Gogita Gogua, will spend the net season in “Spartak” of Nalchik. The football club takes the player, the rights on whom belong to «Himki», from Kabardino-Balkaria in rent, “SE” correspondent informed.

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