Adygeanatpress: Adygeya President Buys On His Account 50 Cars For War Veterans

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Adygeya president will buy on his money 50 cars for war veterans

Veterans of Great Patriotic War of Adygeya will receive 100 “Oka” cars this year. It was declared by the president of republic Khazret Sovmen on February 22nd in the state philarmonic society at the ceremonial meeting devoted to the Day of Fatherland’s defender. As he said, the cost of 50 small cars is planned to pay from the republican budget, the president on his personal means will buy other vehicles.

As they explained Caucasian unit correspondent the in the press-service of the leader of republic, cars will be given out by way of the existing sequence of the veterans.

Note: this sequence had been created in the past year and, certainly, not at the republican level. The Ministry of work and social development of Russia – to the 60 anniversary of the Great Victory – had created it. From Adygeya in that list by May 9th nearby 300 people appeared. However in the past year only several veterans got their cars though initially they declared that before the end of the anniversary year every veteran would get it.

Caucasian unit

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