Adygeanatpress: Georgian President About Abkhazia On “Time For Conversation”

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Georgian president about Abkhazia: “Time of conversations  about anything and nothing is over”

On April 7th in the State office of Georgia presentation of the program “My house”, meaning the inventory of the real estate in the Abkhazian conflict zone took place. As IА REGNUM correspondent informed, at the presentation there was a president of Georgia Michael Saakashvili who emphasized that he would not admit refugees’ loss by their property.

“I want to tell people of all the nationalities, who had lived in Abkhazia before the war, that we shall not admit transfer of their property to other persons, – the president declared. – We shall allocate several millions laris to fix the rights of these people to the property that remained in Abkhazia”. “As soon as I have learned, that so-called authorities of Abkhazia intend to pass the law on sales of property of the former inhabitants of Abkhazia, I made a decision to do everything to not admit and that’s why the program “My house” has been worked out, – noted also Saakashvili. – When the compare Abkhazia to Kosovo they forget that unlike Kosovo, the majority of the population of Abkhazia are not only Georgians, but also representatives of other nationalities – had been expelled as a result of the ethnic cleaning, and all their property remains there”.

The president of Georgia informed that in connection with the question the Georgian party would address in any international body, beginning with WTO or the Strasbourg court, and finishing with the New York stock exchange, and emphasized that “gangsterism has not been legalized anywhere in the world so far”. Michael Saakashvili also emphasized “when we speak about the peace resolution of the conflict it means the property that remained in the territory of Abkhazia is inviolable, and people have the right to come back in their houses – in this framework we plan to resolve the conflict in peaceful way”. The leader of Georgia noted that in Tbilisi they want “peace development within the limits of democracy”, and that “only democracy means leadership of the law and security of people”.

Besides the president of Georgia expressed again the readiness of official Tbilisi for peace negotiations with the Abkhazian party, and that he personally was ready to corresponding meetings without any preliminary conditions, “but with some concrete program and with the condition of getting of some concrete results”, as “the time of some conversations – about all and nothing – is over”.


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