PRIMA-News:Russia Bans Foreigners From Entering Into Certain Business Activities

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20.11.2006 21:16 MSK
Russia bans foreigners from entering into certain business activities
RUSSIA, Novo-Ogarevo Oblast Moscow. “In 2007 we will introduce limits on the use of foreigners in a series of economic sectors…From the 1 January this will affect retail trade in alcoholic drinks and pharmaceutical products…We in the government have taken a decision on the proportion of foreigners … engaged in this type of activity to be reduced almost to zero,” announced the chair of the Russian government, Mikhail Frakov, on 15 November.

Appearing at a meeting with the Russian President, Vladimir Putin, Frakov also said: “And as regards retail trade at pavilions and markets in all types of product, we will give a transition period from the 15 January to the 1 April next year, having limited this share to 40 per cent. However, from the 1 April to the end of 2007 we will also reduce to zero … the opportunities for foreigners to participate in work in the retail trade”. This was reported on the internet site <RU>
Frakov added that the quota of foreigners, arriving with a visa for work in Russia was 308 thousand in 2007 and the amount without visas was six million.

Vladimir Putin called the decision of the government “correct”. “And if you suggest, that it will operate to the end of 2007, I do not see why after 2007 we need to introduce any changes. This is not a sector of the economy where we have a deficit of workers. We have enough workers ourselves,” announced the President.
Frakov reminded Putin about the last signed amendments in the Code on administrative infringements, increasing the accountability of employers who break the rules on employing foreigners. He mentioned that two bills had been prepared “to increase accountability for observing trade regulations and a bill on retail markets”.

Information agency PRIMA-News [2006-11-16-Rus-08]

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