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Adygeya governmental newspaper published laudatory material about general Bizhev

In one of the numbers of the republican governmental newspaper “Soviet Adygeya”, printed in the end of the last week, is published a series of the laudatory articles about the Adyg – general-lieutenant, assistant to the Air Forces commander-in-chief of the United air defence system of CIS states Aytech Bizhev. It generated in the public of Adygeya capital – silent for a while – a new peak of assumptions about candidatures for the republican president post. We shall remind, general Bizhev was named among those whose nominees ostensibly were submitted by the plenipotentiary in the SFD Dmitry Kozak for consideration of the president of Russian Federation Vladimir Putin.

Bizhev’s supporters speak that the publication was not casual. That, in their opinion, showed that the Adygeya president Khazret Sovmen refused the claims for repeated term in favour of that the general became the next president. Moreover, Sovmen would have declared that in the nearest future. As if to that the main applicant for the republican president’s post Aslancheriy Tkhakushinov got approval of the party in power – “United Russia” – and the republican parliament then Putin, they consider, would ignore those circumstances most likely. They give reason for that now the president of Russia in some counterbalance of “United Russia” creates “Fair Russia” that is supposed to replace the first one as the party in power. In addition, in that game voting in the republican parliament is not counted.

At the same time Sovmen’s supporters, on the contrary, consider that the present Adygeya president is not going to refuse his post. They do not doubt that if the president of Russian Federation presents Sovmen’s nominee for consideration of the republican parliament it will be adopted by the first voting. However, nobody can tell definitely – whether the present head of Adygeya has submitted the application on prolongation of his powers to Putin.

The supporters of the main candidature are confidently. As they said, at the moment Tkhakushinov passes necessary procedures for which purpose was in Moscow for a long time. In the end of the last week he returned to Maykop and informed the speaker of the Adygeya parliament Ruslan Hadjebiekov about forthcoming representation of his nominee.

Let’s remind, a closing date of representation of candidature for the future president of Adygeya for consideration of the republican parliament is December 8th this year.


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