Caucasian Knot: Chechnya Sets Up A Commission To Restore The Rights Of…

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Chechnya sets up a commission to restore the rights of repressed citizens

Under Ramzan Kadyrov’s order a special commission has been formed in Chechnya that will be engaged in the issues of restoration of rights of the rehabilitated victims of political repressions. Vice-premier Lema Magomadov was appointed to head the commission.

The Office of the President and Government of Chechnya is the source of this information. The new commission will work directly under the Chechen President.

“Because of the well-known events of early 1990s, the Chechen Republic has in fact failed to implement the Federal Law on rehabilitation of the victims of political repressions adopted in 1993,” an employee of the Office has explained the situation to the “Caucasian Knot” correspondent.

According to his story, Chechnya is still lacking the legislative basis on how to regulate citizens’ problems related to rehabilitation of the victims of political repressions.

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