NatPress: Adygeya’s Exposition At Sochi Forum “Kuban – 2007″ Was Not Expressive

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Adygeya’s exposition at Sochi forum “Kuban – 2007″ was not expressive

The international economic forum in Sochi “Kuban – 2007″ showed that judging to its investment potential Adygeya has one of the last places across Russia. As to its participation in the forum, that is supposed to be rather expensive issue and the republican investment projects in comparison to the others looked pale. But, nevertheless, they were in demand, “Caucasian unit” correspondent reported referring to the local TV.

First from among the federal officials the Adygeya’s exposition Адыгеи was visited the plenipotentiary in the SFD Dmitry Kozak, but the main event became visiting of the president of Russia Vladimir Putin. The leader of the republic Aslan Tkhakushinov, meeting him, could not help to declare the basic project of Adygeya’s economy – construction of the road “Maykop-Dagomys”.

The road’s construction is planned to implement on the site of 63 kms, he said. It should cost to the state budget 18 billion rubles. Other variants of the project are much more expensive – about 34-36 billion rubles. Solving of that problem is important not only for Adygeya, but for the other subjects of Russian Federation, too. And if the construction is implemented, the republic will not need any economic help any longer.

The Adygeya president said about his impression after participation in the forum the following: “I’d like this process (corr: training how to attract investments) not delayed for the whole life. Therefore we have arrived at the forum, have seen our mistakes, which many of, have seen that in the investments Adygeya is almost on the last place in Russian Federation. Now we should study closely our opportunities and undertake concrete creative steps”.

Vladimir Petrov, the chairman of Committee on tourism of Adygeya, having presented the most capacious from the financial point of view project – about 6 billion rubles – said that “about all the projects exhibited at the forum we have negotiations”. “Canadian party became interested, in particular, – he said. – this year the private investments in Adygeya tourism made about 200 million rubles”.

The negotiations at the forum also concerned the projects of municipal formations. According to the head of Koshehablsky area administration Nalbiy Tkharkahov, 4 projects the area presented at the forum, do not concede to other projects. “For one of them (corr.: on raw materials production) we have got 6 applications, for the project on Khodzinsky thermal source – 2 applications”, – he explained.

As the minister of economy of the republic Aslan Matyzhev mentioned, Adygeya exposed at the forum 42 investment projects and 30 investment platforms without designation of their applicability. The priorities, as he said, are clear – mountain-skiing complexes and tourist-recreational objects.

At the same time he named important those projects, which concern the building industry. In particular, he said, the construction of several brick factories and factories on gravel-sandy processing. In that direction, according to the minister, the Sochi forum has given potential investors.

“And it is natural, – the minister also explained, – Adygeya as an agrarian republic is interested in construction of cattle-breeding complexes”.


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