Adygeanatpress: Adygeya Executive Authority Opposed Kozak’s Methods

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Adygeya executive authority opposed Kozak’s methods

Natpress publishes the information widespread today, on October 17th, by the Adygeya president press-service.

On October 17th, 2006 a conference lead by the vice-president of Adygeya Republic Boris Gokzhaev and the head of the Adygeya Republic president administration Taly Beretar took place in Maykop. During the press-conference the questions connected with the consultations taken place on October 2nd of the plenipotentiary of the president of Russian Federation in the Southern federal district Dmitry Kozak with the heads of the public organizations, regional branches of the federal political parties, bodies of the republican executive bodies and legislature, institutions of the local government, intellectuals and employers were mentioned.

It was noted that according to “The Order of consideration nominees on post of the Supreme official (the head of the Supreme agency of the government) of subject of Russian Federation”, the approved by the decree of the president of Russian Federation from December, 27th, 2004 # 1603, representatives of the most significant and authoritative public associations should be invited to such consultations. At the same time, representatives, for example, of the most mass public organization – the Council of the veterans of the war, labour and the Armed Forces, the law-enforcement bodies of Adygeya Republic, as well as the large employers’ association – the Union of farmers – had not been invited to the meeting. Representatives of culture and public health services practically did not participate in the consultations, too. The national-cultural organizations operating in the territory of Adygeya, including, the societies of Tatars, Greeks, Armenians, Jews, Kurds, and Germans had not been attended. In the consultations such active and significant organizations, as the organization of the veterans of the Afghanistan war and the union the liquidators of the Chernobyl atomic power station catastrophe did not participate. Thus they invited as representatives of the Adygeya public organizations and the social categories persons who earlier practically had not participate in the public life of the republic (whereas the real authoritative associations were left “off the board”). Participants of the press-conference emphasized that the such approach at formation of the list invited suggests about primary “special-aimed” consultations in favour of one of the candidates. In the view of that the declared purpose of the consultations was revealing of the opinion of all the spectrum of the public and political groups in the republic – Taly Beretar characterized the methods of organization and carrying out of the consultations as “political show with clowning elements”.

Besides Boris Gokzhaev and Taly Beretar focused the journalists’ attention on that the consultations had been lead before the anniversary of the republic (its 15th anniversary) though to the address of the plenipotentiary of the President of Russian Federation in the SFD their offer – to lead the public action after the celebrations in order to not politize and to not put in the celebratory atmosphere excessive intensities was expressed. However the offer had not been considered which, in the orators’ opinion, was connected with the personal attitude of the plenipotentiary to the president of Adygeya Republic that, in its turn, was developed in connection with Khazret Sovmen’s position towards the question Adygeya’s integration with Krasnodar territory. As it is known, the Adygeya president appeared to be the firm opponent of the idea which realization, on Khazret Sovmen’s belief, is capable to complicate in many ways the political situation in the Northwest Caucasus. Nevertheless, all the planned celebratory actions were organized at the highest level.

As Boris Gokzhaev and Taly Beretar noted, the stated facts allow to approve that the consultations taken place on October 2nd did not pointed out the objective political picture in the republic and the common opinion of the civil society in relation to the nominee on the post of the president of Adygeya Republic. Moreover, the consultations seemed to be an occasion for scale gamble, including information published in a number of the mass-media on the predetermined resignation of the Adygeya operating president.

It was noted that the leader of the republic working now in his usual mode, enjoys a great political authority and has the right to raise the question about his second term of execution of the presidential powers. Consultations on that question proceed now, as only the president of Russian Federation can make the final decision.

In that connection Boris Gokzhaev and Taly Beretar underlined that the bodies of the government in Adygeya Republic work in the usual mode, too – in the quiet and civilized conditions. Participants of the press-conference called the mass media to not get tensed artificially the situation in society – in order to save in the republic peace, stability and consent.

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