NatPress: Adygeya Parliament Is Threatened With National Dissociation

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Adygeya parliament is threatened with national dissociation

A group of the deputies of the State Soviet-Khase of Adygeya intends to meet with the president of the republic Aslan Tkhakushinov to discuss once more nominee of the future chairman of the parliament. They would ask him not to object to the nominees – Adygs – they had represented.

As a source (close to the republican parliamentary circles who had asked not to mention his name) informed “Caucasian unit” correspondent, the president insists on that the deputies should choose a Russian candidate. However the deputies – representatives of the indigenous nationality did not give such consent and assert.

“The nominees of Russian applicants are discussed now, – the chairman of the legislative committee of the State Soviet-Khase of Adygeya Anatoly Osokin confirmed. They are the nominees of the vice-speaker of the parliament Anatoly Ivanov, the head of the fraction of “United Russia” Alexander Luzin and the vice-chairman of one of the parliament committees Sergey Pismak”.

The procedure of the coordination, as he said, appeared to be very difficult. At first some people – from “United Russia” – were represented. Then their nominees should have been considered by the management of the party in Moscow and coordinated with the administration of the president of Russia. And only after that the procedures at the local level had be renewed.

“He (the Adygeya president), probably, is pressured from above, – anonymous source explained in his turn. – Therefore he does not concede, too. And if till now the deputies had met with him one by one, more often after his call, now they decided to work together. The time of their meeting is still determined, but the president has already said that he would receive them on January 14 or 15″.

The position of the deputies – Adygs consists of that the Adygeya president, the speaker of the parliament, heads of the ministry of culture and the committee on mass-media should be only Adygs. Those, in their opinion, are the key posts guaranteeing inviolability of the status of the republic, as well as the national development of the people forming the subject of the federation.

From their party three candidatures were sounded. That is the deputy of the parliament Mugdin Chermit, the heads of the parliament committees Asker Shkhalahov and Rashid Mugu. Thus the last of the named asked his colleagues not to mention his name as a candidature.

Let’s note, the deputies – Adygs in the present the State Soviet-Khase of Adygeya make about 50 percents. The total number of the members of “United Russia” is 35 men from 53 with one vacant mandate. The chairman of the parliament can be elected by simple majority of the votes.


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