Caucasian Knot: CPRF Of Dagestan Declares Distortion Of Voting Results

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CPRF of Dagestan declares distortion of voting results

The Dagestan Republic’s Committee of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation (CPRF) has declared that in Dagestan, the observers of the Party registered rough and mass distortions of the will of the voters during the presidential election.

The statement of the Dagestan Republic’s Committee of the CPRF runs: “The bodies of state power of the Republic, heads of city and district municipal formations and of the electoral commissions had been told in advance to ensure a very high vote rate for the candidate from the party in power. The same was the main topic of propaganda through federal and local mass media. For supervising the process of achieving the required outcomes, the top officials of the Republic’s level were spread among all the cities and districts.”

The “Caucasian Knot” correspondent was informed at the Dagestan Republic’s Committee of the CPRF that “in the conditions of barefaced administrative pressure and forgone results of the election, the Dagestan voters have reiterated their protest by refusing to participate in the voting.”

Representatives of the CPRF’s headquarters insist that no more than 20-25% of Dagestan voters actually took part in the presidential election.

“However, by means of mass drop-in of ballot papers and write-ups the voter turnout was pumped up to 91.41%. The only aim was to reach the record figure – 91.92% of votes for the presidential candidate Dmitri Medvedev,” members of the CPRF headquarters said.

“We declare our resolute disagreement with the distorted results of the presidential election in the Republic of Dagestan, and we’ll challenge these results by all lawful methods,” members of the CPRF have stated.

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