Caucasian Knot: In Ingushetia, Militia Posts Shelled Three Times In One Day




In Ingushetia, militia posts shelled three times in one day


Within the last 24 hours, in different areas of Ingushetia, there were three incidents with fire opened at employees of law enforcement bodies. Three militiamen were wounded.

In the evening on December 12, an unidentified person made a shot from a sniper rifle and wounded a shoulder of an assistance of the on duty operative worker at the OVD of Sunzha District in Ingushetia. The victim is hospitalized; doctors regard his condition as satisfactory.
Today, about a midnight, in the outskirts of Nazran, unidentified persons shelled a militia checkpoint. Several shots were made, then, the attackers disappeared. Nobody was killed or wounded.

And at about 12:40 a.m. Moscow time, in the area of the administrative border of Ingushetia with Chechnya, in the outskirt of Ordzhonikidzevskaya village, at the block-post, unknown persons shelled a “Zhiguli” car with militiamen inside. Two militiamen were wounded and hospitalized, as the RBC Agency writes with reference to the Investigatory Department of the Investigatory Committee at the Prosecutor’s Office of the Russian Federation for Ingushetia.

According to the MIA, the attackers disappeared from the place of the incident, as the ITAR-TASS reports. Now, actions are undertaken to find and detain them.


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