Statement On “Russian Compatriot Status” Issue

When some Circassians from Diaspora accept “Russian Compatriot status” conditions, these are few individuals who speak individually without knowing that in order for them to “benefit out of that” they must become loyal Russians first.

They do not know, neither anyone explained to them, that this is the continuing Russian policy in Circassia: “RUSSIFIENG CIRCASSIANS”!

No REAL CIRCASSIAN in his right mind will accept it knowing the heavy price our people will have to pay for it in return!

The thousands of Circassian Diaspora spoke very loudly and clearly in many different host countries, joined by many Adygas from Motherland and supported by many Adygas in Motherland on May 21st for the past 4 years they have made the following clear statements:

Free Circassia Now.

Stop the Sochi Olympics.

Recognize the Circassian Genocide.

The above means NO “Russian Compatriot Status”! NO half solutions..!

No Circassian needs support of VOTES to believe in the above objectives or to make a statement according to such objectives! Anyone who wants to help Circassians must do so within the guidelines and the spirit of these objectives.

Quest for “Russian compatriot…” is a direct stab in the heart of these objectives, which will obviously go against the will and rights of all Circassians as recognized by the international community and mandated by the United Nations declaration of INDEGINOUS PEOPLES RIGHTS.

This will not be accepted by thousands of Circassians who just demonstrated on last May 21st, in support of these objectives.

These are not “harsh” statements; these are reasonable and recognized rights by the world which Circassians must eventually get.

At this time, accepting half answers to very serious Circassian questions can only be a TOTAL compromise and eventually will bring NOTHING!

Anyone who is concerned about safety, and he is reluctant to take a clear position in support of Circassians’ objectives because of own safety concerns, then these concerns are understood and accepted (nobody is asked to put himself in harm in anyway); but at the same time those people must not act for half solutions, because that would compromise Circassians’ objectives ……. and such approaches will not make Circassians gain anything.. !

But, at the same time, they must not try to present HALF STANDS on behalf of Circassians which will lead eventually to nothing but serving Russian policies.

These individuals, whoever they are, will be viewed by the Circassian crowds who demonstrated on May 21st, as Russian loyal servants, who are looking to get short lived personal political and material gains from their Russian masters, by taking advantage of “the pressure” created by honest Circassians to get the Russians to open windows of personal opportunity for them.

Diaspora Circassians

20, June, 2011

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