Statement: We Urge the Armenian Government to Officially Recognize the Genocide of the Circassian People

Statement: We Urge the Armenian Government to Officially Recognize the Genocide of the Circassian People


We welcome Bundestag’s official recognition of the Armenian Genocide. We congratulate Germans for accepting their part of the responsibility. Thus, we want to revisit an issue that strongly requires to be properly elevated.

The person, who is the initiator and the intransigent warrior of this process is; of course, the member of the German Bundestag, a Circassian (Cherkes) national, Honorable Jem Ozdemir.

This is symbolic because Mr. Ozdemir represents a nation that lived through a genocide in the 19th Century by the Russian Empire.

The destiny of our two nations are very identical. As a result of the secret agreement between Russia and Turkey, a forced transfer of nations took place. A large Circassian population fled to Turkey escaping from ethnic cleansing in the hands of the Russian Empire. Later, Armenians, who were forced by the Turks out of their Armenian homeland, found refuge in many countries. A large Armenian population fled to Circassian lands, which are presently known as Krasnodar Kray and Rostov Kray of Russia. There live a segment of Armenians who speak Circassian and are known as Cherkesogai (Cherkesahay).

Nearly all indigenous people of the Caucasus were subjected to ethnic cleansing by the invading Turks or Russians. Thus, the common interest of all nations of the Caucasus dictates to unite our efforts in order to stop the invaders who are ready to execute new genocides to achieve their goals and conquests. In depth understanding of the threat, and realizing that our region can evolve and develop as a safe heaven through the neighborly relations and mutual respect, we, the representatives of the indigenous people of the region, established the Geopolitical Club in the United Stated of America. Our goal is to support the liberation of the indigenous people, our collective security, and joint economic ventures for development. Our experience dictates that we have a lot more synergy than we have disagreements.

The Geopolitical Club, USA, which is also known as the Geopolitical Club – Los Angeles, has a strong Circassian Desk and cooperates with different Circassian organizations. As a result of our cooperation; for example, the last couple of years many Circassians join Armenians in Istanbul to commemorate the Armenian Genocide. Joint ventures are also established in different parts of the world. Our Circassian Desk’s direct involvement helped prevent a provocative pogrom against the Armenians in the city of Pyatigorsk that was initiated by the Russians in February, 2015.

The Geopolitical Club, USA, and Hayduk organization, USA, have officially recognized May 21st as the Day of the Circassian Genocide and we commemorate it every year with our Circassian brothers and sisters. We participate in events and we promote activities in support of creating awareness and recognition of the Circassian Genocide.

The urge for the Republic Armenia is to officially recognize the Circassian Genocide. We also urge all countries of the world to officially recognize the Circassian Genocide. Additionally, we call on certain Armenian organizations to not take credit or political dividends for the Bundestag Resolution on the Armenian Genocide, since they had nothing to do with it. Turning the Genocide issue into a self-advertisement and PR, is very damnable.

Geopolitical Club – Los Angeles (USA)

Hayduk (USA)

The 7th of June, 2016

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