Independence Day Of Kabarda

 Independence Day Of Kabarda

By: Aslan Beshto

18 – 9 – 2016


277 years ago, on this day, Kabarda was recognized as an independent state. A sound and balanced policy leaders of the country led to the fact that our country has received the official status of the subject’s international law. Article 6 of the Belgrade peace treaty between the Russian Empire and the Ottoman Empire says, “On both Kabarda’s – that is, the Great and Small – and Kabardian people from both parties to the agreement to have Kabarda free and not to be under the possession of either one of the two empires, and now it will be the barrier between the two empires and considered a sovereign nation …..” 2 days later, on September 20 this text was read at the Great Kabarda Khasa, on the bank of the Baksan River.

It so happened that this date coincides with the officially proclaimed the Day of Adygea and it is very symbolic. It is believed that the document receives the official status on the day of its announcement. Therefore, we can now count on September 20 afternoon to commemortate independent Kabarda !!!

Congratulations to world Circassians on this significant date.

Our past is one thing, to make the future one!

Homeland and Habza!

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