International Circassian Language Conference – Amman


International Circassian Language Conference – Amman

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Under the Royal Patronage; The First International Circassian Language Conference has been held in Amman with participation of Circassians from all over the world!

Since my dad, Mohammad Qoughondoqa, one of the organizers and participants, I could know how much of hard work, meetings, preparations were achieved for this huge event!

Many points were discussed during the conference time (15-16 October 2008 ). Some of the most important were The current state of the Circassian language and the ways to teach the language to Circassians who don’t speak it.

Also, have an organization for the Circassian Language, to study the language, teach it, etc.

The Conference included a Circassian Dancing Performance – Nadi Al-Jeel Al-Jadeed – and a Dinner for all the participants, organizers and Circassians who decided to attend.

The conference was a success and a first step to keep the Circassian Language Alive.

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