Human Rights Activist Is Calling To Save Chechen Refugees

Human Rights Activist Is Calling To Save Chechen Refugees

Stefan Löfven

Prime Minister

Lars Westbratt

State Secretary to Minister for Justice and Migration

Morgan Johansson

Minister for Justice and Migration

Dear Sirs,

I’m Maiu Plado, Human Rights activist from Estonia and I am writing to you this letter in support of the Austrian Refugee of Chechen nationality Magomed Inaev. For me it was shocking and sad to read the news that Sweden arrested Austrian Refugee of Chechen nationality Magomed Inaev (born 12.06.1975) the February 24, 2017 in Malmo whom it plans to extradite to Russia.

Haven’t you learnt anything from history? After WWII you arrested Estonian refugees who asked protection in Sweden and extradited them to Soviet Union authorities who killed them or sent to Siberia to die. Then Estonia became again free from occupation and restored its independence in 1991, then there was some wage apology from Sweden side because of this.

It has already happened with Chechen refugees that Sweden extradited to Russia (case of Kana Afanasev, 2015) where he was later killed.

Please, do not commit such crime again.

And Magomed Inaev is NOT EVEN SWEDEN REFUGEE! Sweden so diligent to please Russia in all times and in each way. Giving out people who will be killed in Russia, renting to Russian military your land, etc.

Chechens are part of Europe geographically. They declared Independence in September 6, 1991. Russia killed 20-25%of Chechens since 1994 for this forcing them back to Empire. 20-25% killed for Sweden would be 2-2,5 millions of victims. Could you imagine, what would be state of your nation after that? The day will come for the United Nations recognize Chechen independence officially, what will Sweden do then? Again apologies? As Estonian – I may understand you do not want people from Africa who are used to other climatic conditions and life style, but Chechens are from Caucasus, it is not nothing but moral obligation for European countries towards Chechens that we do not look, including Estonia, in silence how Russia did and still continues genocide in Chechenia.

Magomed Inaev was politically active for Independence of Chechenia, also took part in Resistance against Russian military. SAME WERE ESTONIAN “FOREST BROTHERS”, who stood against Soviet Union after 1944. For Soviet Union, Russia and Sweden they are probably bandits and criminals, for us, Estonians, they are Our National Heroes, who PROTECTED their homeland from foreign occupation.

You seem believe or this is economically useful to believe Russian demands through Interpol. Please note that also Akhmed Zakayev (Chechen Prime-Minister in exile) is searched by Russia through Interpol, but UK gave him status of Political refugee. Former Ukrainian Prime Minister Yatsenok is also accused by Russia to be criminal. Former Georgian president Saakashvili is a criminal for Russia, if he comes to Sweden, will you arrest him?

Please STOP extradition of Magomed Inaev, return him to Austria and support him in becoming citizen of Austria. Please compensate all moral sufferings financially that your country have caused with this arrest.

Please restore respect and trust into Sweden Justice system and ethics of Swedens.


Maiu Plado,

Human Rights activist

Kraavi village

Antsla Vald, EE 66409


23, April, 2017.

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