To Human Rights Ombudsman On Inhumane Treatment of Circassians In Sochi Region

To Human Rights Ombudsman On Inhumane Treatment of Circassians In Sochi Region

Human Rights Ombudsman

In the Russian Federation
Moskalʹkovoy Tatiana Nikolavna

Copy in kabardino-Balkar Human Rights Centre
Khatazhukovu Valeria Nazirovichu



On May 21, 2017, in the settlement of the golovinka region of krasnodar region, cherkesami, living on the black sea coast, was held a traditional national customs ritual dedicated to the memory of the ancestors who died more than a century and a half ago during the Russian – At the time of the grief, there are been pastries for trizny. After the prayers, the event went down to the sea to flush wreaths and live flowers. The Elder of prichernomorskikh circassian, Ruslan Gvashev, approached the meeting with a small speech, where he spoke of the events in the field and called on the people who died to defend their homeland.
After 10 days, on 2 June, the event was condemned by the court district court Ruslan and basto aidamir. Gvashevu has been sentenced to a fine of 10 roubles. Basto is 30 rubles. Judge kozyrev n.a. sentenced his sentence to the fact that a legal notice had not been filed for a mass event.
10 days after the two were convicted, another event occurred.
On June 12, 2017, in the settlement of the alcoa region of the krai region, on the 238th anniversary of the battle of terskikh cossacks with montagnards, the priest made a memorial at the burial site of the The beginning of the village’s history is in 1778 Then, during the construction of the azov-mozdokskoy defensive line, the fortress of Saint Mary (Khutor Marʹyevskiy) was built to strengthen and protect the southern borders of the Russian state. In front of memorial, the president of the council of old khutorskogo cossack, Boris Yefimovich told the present about the battle that took place in those days.. after the funeral priest turned to the present cossacks of the duty of descendants call to honor the Then the priest went with cossacks to the place of the fortress, where the memorial cross is now in place. The Cossacks placed a wreath at the cross of the former fortress. The Cossacks and the priest have agreed that the commemoration of the dead soldiers on this day will be a devout tradition of the staromarʹyevskogo cossack society.
In the second case, there is also no notification – nor is there any indication that the participants in the event are punished.
Tatiana Nikolayevna. We ask you to look into this situation. We do not call to punish the cossacks of the village of fazannyy for a memorial service in memory of their ancestors We consider the inalienable right of every person to honor the memory of their dead. We ask you to answer the question – why are ruslan gvashev and aidamir basto punished? Has it become the official norm in the Russian Federation to treat people differently from different nationalities, different faiths and different faiths?

Chairman of the coordinating council
Adyghe social organizations zhilyabi kalmykov.
Chairman GS
“Kabardian Congress” Aslan Beshto

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