Statement From the Circassian National Movement

Statement From the Circassian National Movement


The events, which recently transpired in the Circassian arena, the historic homeland of the Circassians, have brought the case of the Circassian activist Ruslan Guasha to the attention of the Circassian National Movement, which is emanated from Jordan’s Association of Caucasus Circassian Friends.

The Movement denounces the inhumane and unfair treatment of Mr. Guasha received by the authorities, who arbitrarily arrested and tried him. The Court issued a sentence to arrest him for one week and to fine him a sum of money, which led him to appeal. The appellate judge decided to return the case to the Court of First Instance that in turn kept the the previous decision.

All this was due to his participation, and his colleague, in a memorial prayer held in the Circassian Sochi region for the souls of those who perished while defending their homeland. The ceremony was held to commemorate the genocide and deportation that the Circassian nation had suffered of in 1864.

The Movement denounces these irresponsible acts committed by the authorities and strongly condemns them. It urges everyone to be alert to the attempts of some enemies of the nation and the homeland, aimed at Circassia, the homeland, and its citizens.

The Circassian National Movement calls upon the nation to stand by its brothers in the motherland, who are subjected to injustice and persecution in confronting the challenges and in their quest to preserve themselves, their homeland and the historical rights of the nation.

The Circassian National Movement appeals to the United Nations, Human Rights Organizations, the United Nations Commission on Human Rights, the European Union and the World’s Freemen to denounce these actions and support the Circassian people to restore its legitimate rights, guaranteed by international laws and norms and the principles of human rights.

Let us stand together to support the Circassian activist Ruslan Guasha to obtain his legitimate rights to justice and support the Circassian nation.

Long Live Circassian

The Circassian National Movement
4 October, 2017

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