How can Russia break up?

How can Russia break up?

Gorshenin Vadim , November 22, 2017

What Russia can become in a quarter of a century is not difficult to imagine now. The main thing is to closely monitor trends.

In power there will be no Putin, Medvedev , Matvienko, the overwhelming majority of others – all those who today personify the Russian state. There will be no Navalny, even though he is betting on the “shkolot”, which in twenty-five years will become middle-aged people. Because Navalny is just a dirty foam of imperfections of today’s political power and political technologists in it. And like any foam – it will wash away, and very quickly.

And what will remain?

I would not like very much that in school textbooks about, for example, the first steps of Vladimir Putin at the presidential post on the creation of federal districts were written from the height of the years as an unsuccessful attempt to preserve the empire. So, as they are now writing about the Union Treaty, which was once lobbying Mikhail Gorbachev. But some of today’s trends say that this is possible.

If we trace the beginning of the disintegration of the Soviet Union into independent national states, then the beginning was quite, it seems, innocent: from the question of the revival of national languages. A little later came to the formation of national or national liberation fronts, which demanded secession from the USSR. This trend also came to Russia in the 90s: remember the famous “parades of sovereignties” with attempts to form the Ural, Siberian republic and others, what speeches about being in the country were pronounced in Bashkiria and Tatarstan? It was these movements that undercut Vladimir Putin, by signing a decree on the creation of federal districts.

So, you do not recall the recent reports of the dismissal of a teacher in Tatarstan for the fact that the parents at the parents’ meeting voted against the majority of the Tatar language? The fact that even after the outbreak of the scandal, the school administration did not bear any responsibility for the survival of the teacher? And what do we have with the imposed learning of languages ​​in other national regions?

And how do you like this trend against the background of the popular idea among current administrators about the reduction of the institutions of presidential plenipotentiary representatives in the districts , as well as of the districts themselves? Indeed: they will only interfere with the growth of national identity! After all, our governors are very trained people, right?

These conversations strongly remind me of the beginning of perestroika. Popular then the election of directors of factories, remember the relevant competitions in the “Komsomolskaya Pravda” “If I was the director, minister, etc.?” Well, there came such directors that they did not understand elementary administrative conflicts. But many of them became a little later owners of state, folk enterprises, thanks to the voucherization of the current head of the state corporation “Rosnano” Anatoly Chubais.

And here are reports of only some recent speeches by the governors. One head of the region to the journalist’s question “why?” answers “by the head” . Another on the questions of pensioners about the indexation of pensions invites them to go to the forest for cloudberries and other berries . Third … oh, the third is already today’s speech. Governor of Yamal Dmitry Kobylkin said in the Federation Council – I quote: “The high school student tried to convey simple, fundamental values ​​through the prism of human destinies of the most terrible war.” And Nikolay Desyatnichenko, the same New Urengoy schoolboy who spoke in the Bundestag, an active participant in various patriotic events, Kobylkin is personally acquainted with him.

Governor of Yamal still said something about textbooks of history, the education system, but, naturally, he did not mention a word about the German foundation of Friedrich Ebert, who allocated a special grant for the Novy Urengoy Gymnasium to study the Second World War. What for?

We know the truth: who pays that girl and dances. What else could you expect conclusions about the Great Patriotic War from the schoolboy, whose grammar school the German foundation paid for the “correct” conclusions, from which the whole of Russia gasped?

I just dug around in the sources what kind of fund it is. Here are the most striking pages of his work:

- the Friedrich Ebert Foundation commissioned and paid for the study of the Institute of Sociology of the Russian Academy of Sciences, which revealed that: “Russia is a bloodthirsty xenophobic country in which almost 40% of the population are ready to shoot everyone who is to blame for the current state of affairs. hostility to people of other nationalities, 40% of Russians would approve the forced eviction of representatives of other nationalities from their settlement. “

Remember who dances the girl? And this is for you not a patriotic schoolboy, who was thought of by innocent German soldiers, this is an entire academic institution that tells about the bloodthirstiness of Russians!

- In Novosibirsk, Omsk and Irkutsk, the Friedrich Ebert Foundation pays for another study, according to which a conclusion is made about the Siberian national-cultural identity. That is, the population of Siberia is a community within Russia with distinctive features in the perception of its cultural, territorial and political community.

Remember the idea of ​​an independent Siberian republic in the 90’s? This egg is in that basket, do not doubt.

- from the same Siberia, Barnaul, other Russian cities, the Friedrich Ebert Foundation took activists to Germany and Denmark for a seminar on “Minorities and Democracy”.He brought them to gay bars, other places of hassle and talk were clear about what: what is our underdeveloped country, which has passed a law banning teenagers from propaganda of sex minorities.

In Belarus, the activities of this fund are prohibited.

In Turkey, about fifteen years ago, a lawsuit was held, which revealed that the branches of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation in this country were simultaneously representations of the German intelligence BND.

Hey, Ministry of Justice, where are you? Where are your powers, with which you are endowed with very different laws regarding foreign agents , etc.?

About two days ago, while commenting on the incident with the Urengoy boy, I wrote that a greater share of the responsibility for the incident lies with the Minister of Education of Russia, who failed to organize the certification of all teachers of ideological subjects for the year. And today it became known that Minister Olga Vasilieva, even against this background, talks about the need for compulsory lessons in chess. Lies responsibility, yes.

But much more responsibility for what happened – at the Ministry of Justice. It is up to them to identify such funds and prohibit their activities on the territory of the country. Does the current minister fail to fulfill the great responsibilities in the presence of a huge ministry? So, we need a new one!

Another thing,

- that in Tatarstan and other national republics they will continue to fire teachers for not providing voting for parents to study the languages ​​of those localities.

- that the institution of plenipotentiaries is liquidated as a result.

- that the new governors will continue to “clink” and use teenage slang in the speech.

- that the Friedrich Ebert Foundation and other similar Western organizations will continue their open activities to organize the voluntary disintegration of Russia.

And here it is logical to return to the question given at the beginning of this column.

You know, I really do not want my grandchildren (or, I hope, great-grandchildren) in another country, which has been greatly reduced in the country, with the name of the type Moscovia, referring to the theses of the school textbook, about Vladimir Putin’s failed attempt to stop the disintegration of Russia through the introduction institute of federal districts.

I do not want. But who is able to interrupt those processes that are going on in the country?

Or else we put the question: how do you think, who benefits and why?

PS In the links on the topic below you can find out that no one wanted the collapse of the Soviet Union, but could do nothing. And yet – this is the main thing: the CIA calculated that Russia would fall apart by 2025. Break up …

We are together with you that, really nothing can not be done anymore?

PPS And, you know, in front of some commentators under this article, I take off my hat, as they say. So far I have not looked. 

My dear, I read everything that you write. From this there are also new publications. Thank you for your support and criticism: I continue to study constantly, despite the years that say that – enough!

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