Statement by the Circassian National Movement


The Circassian National Movement


The Circassian National Movement expresses its condemnation for a rumor promoted by a ssocial media network activist, particularly Facebook, which was published on the 16th of January 2018, concerning false information about the Circassian Question. The rumor attracted large numbers of bloggers and readers, some of whom also circulated it on other social media outlets for those who have missed it without being aware of what negative consequences such unfounded reports of inaccurate information have.

Some of the contents of the article have been translated from the Turkish language without verifying the validity of the information published (in English and Arabic) on the Facebook page of the mentioned activist and other pages. The posting attracted many readers and commentators because it was exciting. However, it should not be characterized with the lowest degree of credibility and objectivity. The publisher and some promoters of these reports seemed to apparently acknowledge that they are questionable, inaccurate, and exaggerated.

It is worth mentioning that the main promoter of this news began his text message as the following:

“The sarcastic and negative elements in Circassian society will reject this and consider it misleading propaganda.” In conclusion, as soon as he knew of his misjudgment and he realized that the original article was a sarcastic piece, he deleted everything he had written and promoted since he initially posted his erroneous and unfounded post.

The Circassian National Movement condemns the publication of such fabricated and confusing news. We consider it to be false information in its entirety, especially since the search for the origin of the news indicates that it is based on a sarcastic and imaginative article that is not related to reality that was published on an unknown website ( in the Turkish language, where it stated at the end of the article that it is sardonic and sarcastic, and therefore untruthful.


The Circassian National Movement

February 14, 2018

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