Classical Music of Circassia: “Symphony of the Caucasus” / موسيقى كلاسيكية من شركيسيا: سيمفونية القوقاز

موسيقى كلاسيكية من شركيسيا: ”سيمفونية القوقاز

حفلة موسيقية: ”سيمفونية القوقاز


Classical Music of Circassia: “Symphony of the Caucasus”

Concert: “Symphony of the Caucasus”

Published on Mar 1, 2014

Classical Music of Circassia
Concert: “Symphony of the Caucasus”
1. The National Anthem of the Kabardino-Balkarian Republic [Hesen Y. Qarden] (00:55-2:54)
2. The Narts [Truvor K. Sheibler; composed: 1957] (2:55-9:08)
i. Dance of the Archer.
ii. Zhansherx’ [Жаншэрхъ; a massive wheel with cutting blades rolled downhill during games of the Narts to gauge strength and daring of the players].
iii. Battle with the Eagles of the Heights.
3. Symphonic Suite “Song on the Narts” [Alexander V. Mosolov; 1955]
Part III: Song of Lamentation (9:08-13:44)
Part IV: The Narts Revel (13:51-17:46)
4. Symphonic Suite on Three Circassian Dances (“Kabardian Qafe”, “Yislhemey”, and “Adigean Wij”) [Sergei N. Ryauzov; 1946] i. Symphonic Dance “Adigean Wij” (17:50-22:03) ii. Symphonic Dance “Kabardian Qafe” (22:04-26:12)
5. Symphonic Suite “Caucasian Sketches” [Mikhail Ippolitov-Ivanov]
Suite No. 1, Op. 10, Part IV: “Procession of the Sardar” (26:13-30:19) [1894]
6. Kabardian Dance [Niyhet S. Osmanov; 1965] (30:20-33:45)
7. Kabardian Youth Overture for Large Symphony Orchestra [Zhebre’iyl He’wpe; 1971] (33:46-36:12)
8. Instrumental Song “It Is Snowing” [Zhebre’iyl He’wpe] (36:14-38:19)
9. Instrumental Song “My Spring” [«Си гъатхэ»] [Zhebre’iyl He’wpe; 1962] (38:20-40:11)
10. From the Vocal Cycle “Kabardian Maiden Songs, for Soprano and Orchestra” [Composed by Zhebre’iyl He’wpe; sung in Circassian by Asiyat Cherkesova]
i. “What Hope Do I Have?!” [«Сытхэр си Iэмал?!»] (40:14-43:38)
ii. “Hetaw” [«Хьэтау»] (43:40-45:45)
11. OST-Suite for Symphony Orchestra, in Four Parts [Murat Z. Qebardoqwe] (45:47-54:38)
12. The Anthem of the City of Nalchik [Vano Muradeli (composer; 1955) and Murat Kabardokov (arranger)] (54:39-56:12) Concert by the International Youth Symphony Orchestra of the Choir “Taurida”, which is based in St. Petersburg []. Conducted by Mikhail Golikov, People’s Artist of the Kabardino-Balkarian Republic. Orchestration: Hesen Y. Qarden [Kardanov] and Murat Qebardoqwe [Kabardokov].
The concert features a dozen works of national composers of Kabardino-Balkaria, and Russian and Soviet composers who composed on Circassian themes, or were influenced by Circassian music. The concert took place on 25 December 2013 in the Trade Union Palace of Culture, Nalchik. The concert was sponsored by the Administration of the City of Nalchik. It was broadcast by the State Public Corporation “Broadcasting Television Channel ‘Kabardino-Balkaria'”, 2014.
The concert is in celebration of, and to publicize, the 5-CD Magnum Opus “Symphony of the Caucasus” [2012], an anthology of classical Circassian music, featuring more than a hundred works written by 30 composers. The idea was conceived by the famous Circassian musician and composer Zhebre’iyl He’wpe, and the project co-ordinators were Maryanna Teuvazhukova [Теувэжыкъуэ] (Nalchik), and Murat Kabardokov (St. Petersburg).
1. The National Anthem of the Kabardino-Balkarian Republic
Hesen Y. Qarden
The Anthem is based on Kabardian, Balkar, and Russian folk songs.
Hesen Y. Qarden (Kardanov) is one of the pioneers of Circassian classical music. He was born in the town of Shejem I in Kabarda in 1923. In 1947, he was admitted to the Leningrad Conservatoire, where he studied vocal art under K. S. Yisachenko, and composition. He graduated in 1954. Qarden was a prolific composer and he delved into most classical music genres, including opera. Among his best works are “In the Homeland”, pieces for symphony orchestra, “Sharjes”, a cantata (1957), “Overture to Joy”, on Kabardian and Balkarian themes (1960), “Rhapsody for Piano and Orchestra” (1960), “Three Symphonic Dances” (1960), “My Republic”, a cantata (1961), “Symphonic Poem” (1961), and “The Evening in the Village”, a symphonic fantasia, 1961. Qarden wrote the book “Songs” [Nalchik: Elbrus Book Press, 1987; a collection of music scores and words, 84 pages]…


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