Circassian National Movement

Circassian National Movement

Presented by: Adel Bashqawi

5 May 2018


Ladies and Gentlemen,

I have the honor to begin by thanking and appreciating my dear brothers who have worked hard to create this promising association in Jordan as a reality in our Circassian World.

The Circassian national trend was not in isolation from the basic goals and objectives that the Jordan Association of Caucasus Circassian Friends was founded for, but its emergence out of the association came accompanied to other objectives that lead to the achievement of the goals and objectives adopted by a broad sector of the public opinion in the Circassian world, which runs between motherland and the diaspora.

As a result of the consciousness that is formed because of various developments that contributed to self-awareness stemming from the nature of the venue on case-by-case basis, and in light of the emergence of regional disputes and conflicts that developed and taken place in the Circassian communities’ whereabouts; concerns have increased national cohesion and the need to assert Circassian national identity as an urgent necessity to communicate according to methodology and context that should result in concerted efforts to connect between all by available methods.

The aims and aspirations of the Circassian National Movement:

- Emphasis on the Circassian national identity.

- Demand of protection of Circassian human rights everywhere.

- Preservation of Circassian language and culture.

- Demanding the establishment of a national fund in which the Circassians contribute voluntarily, even in symbolic amounts.

- The right of return under an international umbrella.

- The right to self-determination on Circassian land.

  • Creating an independent Circassian media in order to focus on enriching Circassian national thought.

Also, to call for meetings, dialogues, seminars, conferences with the participation of those interested specialists, experts in order to build the foundations and elements of the unified action to pin point matters.

It is necessary to move towards creating favorable opportunities for bringing the Circassian issue to the international arena to demand and protect rights from turning a blind eye, negligence, and slackness.

It should be noted in this context:

- European Convention on Human Rights.

- international law.

- Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

- United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

- Declaration on the Granting of Independence to Colonial Countries and Peoples by the Resolution of the General Assembly of the United Nations of 1960.

- It is also easy to solve the problems created by Tsarist Russia, which is still growing as a snowball to the present, in accordance with Russian laws that are not in force.

Direct and indirect contacts with available Circassian organizations, institutions and associations

- whether in the homeland or in the diaspora and alienation – for coordination among themselves in order to prioritize purposeful action and to focus on matters that everyone must abide by them,

especially making the main goal: to achieve the envisaged justice.

International Circassian Movement:

In this context, the proposal for the establishment of the “International Circassian Movement”, that includes diaspora and motherland Circassians, and to work for restoring the legitimate national rights of the Circassian nation in its historic homeland Circassia by peaceful ways and means guaranteed by International laws and charters, and to ensure the exercise of the right to self-determination, while emphasizing on the renunciation of violence and terrorism in various images and forms, rejecting extremism and intolerance and the commitment of peaceful means to recover Circassian usurped rights and deal with other peoples and nations on the basis of

mutual respect and non-interference in internal affairs and respect and abide by international charters, treaties and laws. The offer includes a national program and rules of procedures.

We must refer here to Nelson Mandela’s saying: “It Always Seems Impossible Until It’s Done,” and what was said by Tagore: “The possible asked the impossible: Where do you live? He replied: In dreams of the impotent”.








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