North Caucasus Union

North Caucasus Union

June 29 2018

The Caucasus, being the most important geopolitical crossroads, has always been in the focus of empires, regularly subjected to various invaders’ invasions that have brought misery and destruction to indigenous peoples living in the Caucasus. Conquerors have done everything to ensure that the indigenous people do not have their own state and can not succeed as independent nations. Until now, by slaughtering, asymilization, by sowing artificial contradictions among the indigenous peoples, the foreigners have come to realize that there is no single Caucasus, indigenous people are unable to withstand the destructive policies of the occupants. At different times, different foreign statesmen and politicians tried to promote the struggle for the independence of the Caucasian nations, but they were useless because they were not acquainted with the biopolitical and political culture of those nations.

The United States Geopolitical Club is mainly comprised of indigenous Caucasians who are well aware of their national problems and are fully committed to the strengthening of their nations and the establishment of good neighborly relations in the region and the sacred affair of mutual support.

We believe that indigenous people of the Caucasus have the right to have their own independent state, where all their human and national rights will be protected, conditions will be created for the development of their national revival, language and culture. The common political interest and geopolitical reality of these nations require that they act jointly against invaders, putting aside the foreign contradictions that the invaders have imported into these nations to divide and dominate them.

Based on this, we propose to create an area similar to that of the North Caucasian Union / with the example of the European Union (EU) on the territory bordering the outer borders of Caucasian Indigenous Nations. Representatives of all indigenous nations should form a parliament, which will govern the Union. Indigenous nations must form selective bodies of their national government, who will elect two authorized delegates to the Commonwealth Parliament. The Union’s Parliament must refer to the Constitution of the Union where the principles and goals of the Union, the rights and obligations of state bodies, as well as human rights and freedoms will be defined. The management of the Union shall be carried out rotationally by representatives of different nationalities for a definite period. Regardless of the number of nations represented, every nation’s representative must have the right of veto so that everyone has the right to equal suffrage. The parliament should create all the institutions of the independent state.

The Republic of Armenia and the Republic of Georgia, as independent nations of indigenous people, should act as partners and security guarantors in the newly-established North Caucasus Union.

The Geopolitical Club is ready to assist in the establishment of the North Caucasus, provide technical assistance / TV, other means of communication.

We are ready to organize the first meeting of the Union in Armenia.

PS History gives the opportunity to move forward, become stronger, and develop. Whoever does not use this opportunity, remains forever under the domination of others. Russia will fall and who will be ready, will become a subject of international law.

Geopolitical Club

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