Обращение к Уполномоченному по правам человека в РФ по поводу / Appeal to the Commissioner for Human Rights in the Russian Federation


International Commissioner for National Circassian Repatriate Dzhanydemir Muammer

Appeal to the Commissioner for Human Rights in the Russian Federation concerning the deprivation of Russian citizenship of the Circassian repatriate Dzhanydemir Muammer

منو مفوض وق الإنسان في الفيدرالية الروسية بشأن حرمان العائد الشركسي معمر كوبليف من الاد الرائد

Tatyana Moskalkova - photo: pnp.ru

Tatyana Moskalkova – photo: pnp.ru

Commissioner for Human Rights in the Russian Federation                                                                                                            Moskalkova T.N.

Dear Tatyana Nikolaevna!

Send to your address a copy of the complaint Dzhanydemir Muammer. It follows from the complaint that the Sochi Prosecutor’s Office of the Krasnodar Territory filed an administrative claim to the Central District Court of Sochi, in order to establish whether Danymir Muammer received Russian citizenship in the Adygea Republic Ministry of Internal Affairs, by providing false information about his place of residence during 1993 to 1997, on the basis of operational information received by officers of the FSB of Russia in Sochi in the Krasnodar Territory.

The basis of the alleged violation of Dzhanydemir Muammer offense taken testimony of witnesses Meretukova K.R. and Savenkov VI, residing at: Maykop, Pobedy str., 8, apartments 8 and 9, claiming that Dzhanydemir Muammer in the period from 1993. till 1997 lived in the cities of Izmit, Bursa, Istanbul. However, in the case file there is no information about how Meretukov K.R. and Savenkov V.I. could establish a residence Dzhanydemir Muammer outside the city of Maikop in the period from 1993. till 1997

When making the decision, the court did not assess the testimony of Koblevoy D.G., who is the owner of apartment No. 10 at Maikop, Pobedy St., 8, of her daughter Achmizova S.Ya. and Napso, AK, who is their relative. From the testimony of these witnesses, it follows that Dzhanydemir Muammer in the period from 1993. till 1997 He lived at: Maykop, Pobedy str., 8, apt. ten.

Further, Dzhanydemir Muammer argues that in accordance with paragraphs 8, 12, 15 of Resolution No. 43 of the Plenum of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation dated 09.29.2015. “On some issues related to the application of the provisions of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation on the limitation of actions”, the administrative claim by the Prosecutor’s Office of Sochi in relation to it was filed in violation of the limitation periods and current legislation, which was also ignored by the court when making the decision.

We also consider it necessary to pay attention to the fact that Muammer is a Circassian repatriate who moved from Turkey and represents that part of the Circassian diaspora, which considers itself Russian compatriots, and is trying to promote the establishment of mutually beneficial relations between Russia and Turkey. And this explains the enormous resonance caused by the Moammer case in the North Caucasus and in the Circassian diaspora around the world.

Based on the foregoing and guided by Article.Article. 15, 16, 22, 23, 26, 27, 29 FKZ No. 1 “On the Commissioner for Human Rights in the Russian Federation”, we ask you to take the necessary response measures and to verify the facts specified in the case of Dzhanydemir Muammer to prevent the illegal deprivation of Russian citizenship Federation.

Appendix: a  copy of the complaint Dzhanydemir Muammer

Chairman of the KBRPC
Khatazhukov V.N.




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