Cons of Relying on others to Seek Restoring Circassian Rights

Cons of Relying on others to Seek Restoring Circassian Rights

By: Adel Bashqawi

31 January 2019


What is taking place occasionally in this world in the policies of the great powers and the influential regional powers are only fundamental shifts that produce significant changes and transformations that affect others regionally and internationally. Especially since it presents in successive periods facts and slogans that contradict the existing political systems, which are not based on democratic principles and the recognition of rights and freedoms for all, not to mention the legal principles and logic, thus followed by contradictory practices that adversely affect the vulnerable peoples.

Humbly, facts and evidence confirm the involvement of many influential powers and tyrannical colonial states in the exacerbation of the situation and to aggravate the Circassian Question, reaching the catastrophic consequences in 1864 that reveal the practices and diabolical crimes that resulted from the genocidal war over the time taken by the invasion of the Russian Tsarist Empire with greedy colonial goals over 101 years. The topic can be described in a way that outsiders were determined to conquest the Circassian homeland without Circassians at any cost. In conclusion, to be exterminated or displaced either beyond the Kuban River away from the Black Sea or to the Ottoman Empire for purely imperial purposes. Religion was not a factor to implement this policy.

It is fair to say in this context that the course of the Circassian Question over the past years has given positive results in many ways and means. The Circassians have demonstrated in many of their communities both in their homeland and in the diaspora in more than one area, their profound interest in their unenviable status. They organized their ranks, and held conferences and meetings on various subjects, which dealt with linguistic, cultural, social, legal, political and other issues. There has been a diversity in the sources of human resources contributing to these activities so that all communities, whether at homeland or in the diaspora, are coherent and concerted in their various efforts to achieve the goals that most of them agree upon.

The reliance on endogenous capacities, self-efficacy stemming from self-confidence, willpower and perseverance, no matter how simple and/or modest, ensures that the final decision-maker takes steps and resolutions in order to resolve dependency on anyone, in terms of the futility of relying on various powers, where circumstances have proven they cannot be trusted under any situation at all times.

It is possible to extrapolate from the fluctuations in this regard before, during and after the Russo-Circassian War, to this day through the countries and various powers of the war of genocide and its consequences. Therefore, due to diligence entails that hard work must not be dependent on others whatever the interpretations, where steps are taken as a result of continuous work, and a sincere effort that helps to manage the interlinked crises positively by choosing appropriate means to reach lofty values.

Self-reliance is the basis for success within a coordinated strategy and an integrated system of action, based on willpower and faith in the issue of restoring rights. As well as patience and bearing all odds and challenges, therefore perseverance in order to master the work and not to bow in laxity or surrender to the status quo.

Starting must be established on a solid foundation, based on the lofty goals, which the methods emanate from, must be followed in accordance with international laws and norms. It is very appropriate to hold events aimed at informing the world of developments in the Circassian Question since the end of the Russo-Circassian war up to this day. The spirit of initiative based on the use of facts, impact and catastrophic consequences, documented data and the conduct of modern technology methods must be devoted to highlighting the elements of the Circassian Question.

It is obvious that people do not cling to past events, which are not useful to repeat from time to time. Rather, they must aspire to what can be done and how confiscated rights can be restored by peaceful means and without the use of violence unambiguously.

The flame of freedom is still alive and will not be extinguished, despite the  impeding and misleading attempts.

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