Old Lucy Puffing Ashes

Old Lucy Puffing Ashes

By: Adel Bashqawi

20th of February 2019


I remember the story of Evil Old Lucy that my ancestors narrated to me. Where Lucy quickly persisted to trickery and treachery. She always managed to turn her face to the right and left to dust the ashes of the innocent from her two dirty cheeks. She raised her hands, stained with blood spots, to spoil everything she touched. It is if as she worked to perpetuate the execution of her plans that were designed and employed in the past and made them fit the requirements of the present.

My attention is drawn to an article Al Bawaba’s website titled “The West Uses the Weapon of Minorities to Put Pressure on Moscow”[1] that was published on the Internet on February 18, 2019. It did not contain a source or a writer’s name. This is assumed to be published by the site editor citing an interpreted article from another language. I was shocked by the bragging contempt and dwarfing of intellectuals and followers to the extent of willful blindness and the assumption of ignorance of others. It is as if the catastrophes and crimes, ethnic cleansing, and forced deportation operations committed in the past are still before us now in the present, have not occurred. The Circassians know with certainty that “God helps those who help themselves.”[2] Therefore, they do not rely on others for the restoration of their rights.

The publication further states, in a tone that was not devoid of misery and humiliation, that, “Western countries use the weapon of minorities to embarrass and pressure Russia.” This shows how embarrassing it is to think about what the heir of the Russian Tsarist empire did. In any case, common sense distinguishes between humility and misery.

The term “sudden and parallel” mentioned in the article referred to (in regard to Circassian activities for an example) is totally incorrect because deportation from the homeland did not happen all of a sudden, but instead, when Tsarist Russia launched its aggression against the Circassians’ homeland over a period of decades, for acquisition and deporting its inhabitants. Therefore, these victims’, in parallel, existence in dozens of countries in today’s world did not take place by chance. Instead these are the sons and grandsons of the deported who were forced to go into the unknown, on board the worn sailing ships, sailing over the heavy turbulent waves of the Black Sea. At the same time, they did not, and will never forget their rights, which were stolen and usurped from them, even if they kept living according to the random administrative divisions in the Motherland.

It was not “Conferences and lectures for associations and institutions that represent themselves as representatives of the minorities in Russia, these organizations, centers and institutions are supported by Western countries and operate from their capitals.” They were contrary to what the article indicated, as they are the activities of the deported people and their descendants, which are held in diaspora countries. In countries that the ceiling of democracy and freedom guarantee for every individual or non-governmental organization to express their views and concerns, and to seek methods to ensure clarifying their identification, the documented facts relating to their identity, which will help restore legitimate rights in accordance with international laws and norms. The common denominator in this regard is that the legitimate heir of the Tsarist Russian Empire and the Soviet State is the current Russian state, which continues to deny the rights of peoples that do not fall into statute of limitations.

Playing the role of victim, and at the same time playing the role of a state that is targeted by defenseless civilian people, who follow legitimate, legal, and peaceful methods that are far from violence, but rightful, in the face of hostile propaganda, which can be described as a frenzied campaign of counter media disinformation, that no longer deceive anyone. Launching a campaign aimed at discrediting wonderful individuals and activists, who are exerting strenuous efforts to follow the laws to address some of the problems created by the occupation of the Tsarist invaders, which are still without a just solution will not do any good, no matter how deceiving, skeptic, and vindictive. As Socrates said, “Mankind is made of two kinds of people: wise people who know they are fools, and fools who think they are wise.”[3] Ultimately, what’s right is right.

They are attempts to obliterate the effects of the crimes committed against many nations, including the Circassian nation in particular, by launching aggressive campaigns that bring death, terror, and destruction, which were planned under the domes that appeared in the picture published with the article. The focus of the article is a “campaign calling for the return of the Circassian and Chechen minorities from several countries in the world to the States of the Soviet Union, especially the Caucasus region of Russia,” is neither correct nor logical, and it is nothing more than  throwing up smokescreens. The “return” of members of the Circassian nation to their homeland in the Circassian part of the North Caucasus is neither shame nor prohibited under international law and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Circassians have no “motherland” other than Circassia. It is not entirely true that the Circassians want to return to “the countries of the Soviet Union,” but to the homeland, which contains their roots, that its soil is mixed with the sweat and blood of their ancestors for thousands of years.

The funny part is that the unfair article mentions, “recently, the city of Nuremberg has hosted a conference for a Circassian organization that aims to encourage repatriation, and has begun to collect donations to finance these calls. Where the pursuers to be surprised that the Internet websites dedicated to collecting donations have disappeared, and money donated by supporters of the idea has evaporated.” So, this is nothing but nonsense, lies, and misinformation. In order to comment on this, it is necessary to state why the first Circassian International Conference was held in Nuremberg, whose venue was only coincidental. This did not mean, in principle, that the participants remembered the Nuremberg war crimes trials that took place after World War II[4], but it’s okay if it did.

What happened was that the Circassian Association in Nuremberg had agreed with the Circassian Repatriation Organization )CRO(, Canada, in cooperation with other Circassian organizations and institutions, to hold the conference in Nuremberg as a central location to facilitate Circassians from all over, including the Motherland. It was not as described, as an attempt of abuse and distortion. Donations were not collected in the sense and characterization mentioned, therefore there was no financial evaporation and concealment process. Following the conference events, it was possible to listen to all the paragraphs via live/direct broadcast on the Internet, and there is video recording of all the events available on YouTube.

What is mentioned in regard to “Gamston Foud Foundation playing a parallel role,” is categorically unfounded, and has no credibility. It is a riddle that is circulated by collaborators with those who invented it, especially, since the author of the article did not know how to write the name “Jamestown Foundation”, which specializes in the preparation of studies and research, neither in Arabic nor in English, but appears to be derived from Russian. The article, which appears to be prepared in a prosaic intelligence manner to allege the role of “the two organizations to create crises and raise their level with Canadian-American guidance and support in particular, for the exploiting this file politically in the next phase, specifically for targeting security in the North Caucasus,” as if Circassians have dedicated themselves to serve strangers, which is totally unfounded.

As a matter of fact, Circassians have been resisting the falsified history that was committed by the Tsarist Russian Empire and successive regimes that dominated the rule of the Northwest Caucasus. The report pretends that based on “available information, forged and false information being disseminated among minorities and communities concerned in the world, and is addressed now to Russian-originated minorities in Turkey, to be incited to return after having spent many years in its current settlement, and established its institutions and stable lives.” As if the desire of the deported who are not Russians, to return to their historic homeland is contrary to the Russian interest.

In the context of the deceptive assault, the intelligence statement states: “This man has started by calling for the repatriation of the minorities, especially the Circassians, to Russia, demanding the restoration of their land and property, to be considered as refugees and to hold Russia responsible for their aid and relief without any scrutiny regarding this call.” What is the meaning of this nonsense , and how the author of this intelligence report that “the intention of this man is to condemn and embarrass Russia, and to place it in the form of refusing to receive Circassians, to prevent assistance to them, to place Russia in the context of countries that violate human rights that follow racial discrimination, and to open this country’s files and the internal wars since the Tsarists’ days.” As all the mentioned above is true, it means that it identifies with the wisdom that says, “a guilty conscience needs no accuser.”[5]

The proof that the published article, even though it came rather trite, weak, and unsuccessful, (but looking at some of the messages to be weather conveyed or distributed in the form of rumors and false information) indicates a mess up. What is happening in the Crimea and its occupation, what is happening on the southeastern border of Ukraine, what is happening in Syria and what happened in 2008 in Georgia, is not of a Circassian concern, which requires the recognition of the Circassian Genocide, its consequences and the need to apologize to the Circassian nation for the injustice and oppression that it was subjected to. How does the article mentions what does not help, or in respect to the Circassian Question, where it insets countries that are not primarily interested in the suffering of the Circassian nation… “The United States and the Western countries are trying to block Russia’s achievements in Syria, to block support in Venezuela and to stop its control of the former Soviet Union, especially Ukraine and its space.”

The intelligence report says, “In Russia, there are no institutions concerned with the relief of refugees and the provision of aid, and therefore the call of the activist, Sukkar, will make him embroiled and place his supporters and the governments that support him in an embarrassing situation.” While facts can be pointed out that the Russian state and its authorities in the Circassian part of the Caucasus in particular, have provided first-class services to refugees who came from Ukraine, in housing, work, medical-treatment, education, comfortable accommodation, and all walks of life. While some Circassian refugees who came to their historic homeland after the civil war erupted in Syria, were evacuated from the places where “Russian” refugees who had come from Ukraine had been accommodated instead.

Thanks to the amateur, the author of this intelligence report (which is not coherent according to logic), for what he mentioned in the last paragraph. It shows, without doubt, the ignorance of many issues and unquestionable realities. “The International norms oblige to receive refugees, relief, help, protect them, then to return them to their countries after the security and political conditions are over, while the resident citizen has no rights and has no right to any kind of relief at a time when Russia considers the minorities as citizens returning to their country.” He realizes to mention the “international norms,” but turns a blind eye to the right of the indigenous Circassian nation to return to its homeland is protected and guaranteed in accordance with international laws and norms. It does not fall into a statute of limitations or time passing. Whereas, a well-known proverb says, “East or west, home is best.”[6]



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