Martin Kocesoko: I thought it is over and Firmly Decided to Go to the End

Martin Kochesoko: I thought it is over and Firmly Decided to Go to the End

25 June 2019

Translated by: Orhan Barsik

29 June 2019


Today, the Supreme Court in Kabardino-Balkaria has overturned the detention of Martin Kochesoko, which was decided by Leskensky District Court and replaced with house arrest.

The following is the last word of Martin Kochesoko in court:


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At the beginning, I would like to say from the bottom of my heart (T’hem Feghabso!) thank you very much to all those who believe in me and support me in this experience and in this difficult period of my life. They are my neighbors whom I grew up with, my colleagues from the village, family, friends, relatives and everyone who knew me personally and is convinced that it is not possible that I would commit that crime and they tell others to defend me openly.

I want to say (T’hem Feghabso!) thank you very much to all the Circassians, regardless of the country where they live and who speak out about my cause to support me and to support justice, unity and the renaissance of our people. Thank you so much to all those who understand and know what is happening here, for justice to prevail.

Also, thanks to the police officers who although they are doing their job, they come to me and say words of support and encouragement. I’d like to thank my lawyers who, despite all kinds of potential pressure placed on them, they appear to be defending my rights.

I also want to say that I never used drugs and I saw marijuana for the first time, when they threw it at me. Once more, I insisted on my innocence of buying and storing drugs, which allegedly found with me.

I have not committed any crimes, and under the threat of murder alone, I have been forced to confess to protect myself that I am guilty. There was no other way to protect myself and my loved ones at that moment.

I still fear for my life!

As I said yesterday, and even here, in “SIZO” prison, I am still threatened with retaliation if I refuse to confess. But I thought their threat was over, therefore, I decided seriously to continue this path to the end. I hope you will not risk my life by leaving me in prison. And to change the measure of my preventive imprisonment so that I can prove my innocence.

I do not intend to hide anything from the investigating authorities or obstruct their investigation of the case. It is in my interest to prove the truth.

I hope that you will have a wise and just decision.

Thank you,”

M. H. Kocesoko.

25 June 2019.


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