Circassia is for Circassians

Circassia is for Circassians

By: Adel Bashqawi

6 November, 2019

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Peoples and nations develop by education and science. This is an extension of their civilization, heritage, culture, ethics and what they have provided and offered to the entire mankind. They evolve by preserving all what they have achieved, accomplished and acquired, and even improve and develop their contemporary civilizational performance as a result of their positive interaction with scientific and technological progress in various fields.

Who ever is occupied to confuse and annoy the scene by utilizing the conspiracy of those who have created a maze drawn and planned by human wolves, in order to downplay the importance of this people. This leads to deliver a deathblow to the nation that is plagued by attempts of multiple parties to control its fate and threaten its survival in the long and medium terms.

The qualities of the moral system are measured by deeds.The survival of the nation, especially when the majority is in Diaspora, as per the case with the Circassian nation, depends on the preservation of its identity, culture, language, national particularity and Khabzeh, which consists of authentic Circassian customs and traditions that determine the social cohesion that pertains to individuals, families, community institutions and the scattered communities between Motherland and Diaspora.

What is so sad and distressing is the attempts of indignant intruders on the Circassian nation and its own Khabzeh that some parties adopt suspicious policies aimed at violating its particularity, influencing its decisions and even attempting to distort its history and national identity in order to change what the Circassian national identification means through two dimensions:

First: intercalation of some peoples of the Caucasus to be confused because of the efforts of some exotic parties to make themselves Circassians, even though their actions and history don’t relate to Adygha / Circassians and were not even related to the authentic Circassian Khabzeh.

Second: some Adygha/Circassians ride the wave of obtaining identification documents of non-Circassian entities, aiming at changing the names of Circassian families to be non-Adygha/Circassian identities, that would ultimately challenge the Circassian family names and affiliations.

In conclusion, and with due respect to all, it should be noted that every people has its own identity, privacy, goals and concerns so that everyone must abide by this, and not to let others interfere in what does not concern them. “Actions speak louder than words,” and “Every man is the architect of his own fortunes.” Survival requires certain values and practices. “If you wish to flourish, you must choose the appropriate balance among five values: rationality, community bonding, pleasure, freedom, and introspection.” (

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