PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT by: Federation of Circassian Associations in Turkey



10 November 2019

The President of the Federation of Circassian Associations (Circassian-Fed), Mr. Nusret BAŞ, participated in the seminar titled the on the Circassian-Georgian Heritage in Amman on 28-29 October, 2019 upon the invitation of the Circassian Charity Association, which operates in Amman, Jordan. The President of the Federation of Abkhaz Associations (Abkhaz-Fed) Mr. Atanur AKSOY was called by telephone days before, an invitation for the conference was made and they were informed about the program of the conference. we have offered them to take advantage of this opportunity to talk with the other side. However, the Chairman of Abkhaz-Fed stated that he could not attend this conference due to his principles.

Mr. Nusret BAŞ, President of the Circassian-Fed, briefly mentioned in the conference where the Georgian Ambassador to Jordan was also present;

Turkey is inhabited by Adiges, Abkhazians, Ossetians, Chechens, and other peoples of the Caucasus such as Georgians, which they are relatives with each of these peoples, friendly. They were friends, believe and wished that through dialogue, the problems between Georgia and Abkhazia, will be resolved in a peaceful manner;

The war has long since passed, the current situation is not sustainable, and the wounds of this war can only be healed by the parties’ absolute compromise by using the power of reason and diplomacy; otherwise, imperialist powers could be used as tools for conflicts of interest.

However, even though the Federation of Abkhazian Associations did not have any information about the conference process, its content and all these well-intentioned efforts, a public announcement was made on November 5, 2019 at 21.41, which stated: “we condemn the participation of the President of the Federation of Circassian Associations Nusret BAŞ in the conference.”

As Circassian-Fed, we consider this announcement as an unwarranted, unjustified and unfortunate statement. This statement of the Federation of Abkhazian Associations caused deep sorrow and disappointment in our community.

We see that the recent events and developments have evolved into a position that harms the national interests of the Circassian and Abkhaz peoples, and we are very sad and worried about this. We are aware of the inadequacy of Abkhazian national capabilities and the critical position in international balances, and we understand this situation. On the other hand, we would like to remind the Federation of Abkhazian Associations that the ancient Circassian people are in a struggle for national existence and that we have a holy mission of protecting its interests.

In this context, it should be known that we, as Circassian-Fed, take every step to take the national interests of the two brotherly peoples into consideration. We expect the same sensitivity from the Federation of Abkhazian Associations and our Abkhaz brothers. We invite you to refrain from actions and discourses that will confront Circassian and Abkhaz civil society organizations and the two brotherly peoples, and to act sensibly and discreetly.

On the evening of November 6, 2019, we expressed our thoughts above at the meeting of Abkhaz-Fed and Circassian-Fed board members at the headquarters of the Federation of Abkhaz Associations. During the meeting, a number of issues were discussed, including a conference held in Amma, Jordan, and a consensus was reached on the avoidance of all actions and discourses that would lead to the Circassian-Abkhaz conflict.

Another issue we want to share with the public; the conference was organized by the Jordanian-Amman Circassian Charity Association on October 28, 2019, unfortunately, was provoked by a certain leading organization and attempted to provoke violence by a group of Caucasian people. Such actions have no purpose other than to bring down the brotherly peoples and to disrupt our unity and brotherhood. As Circassian-Fed, we would like to remind our brothers, who were instrumental in this provocation, even though they were well-intentioned, that their attitudes and behavior were incompatible with the Khabze rules. It should be clear that the Circassian nation will not tolerate any actions and sayings to bet on the struggle of our peoples’ existence as it was yesterday.

Çerkes-Fed; As an independent non-governmental organization which always prioritizes the unity and solidarity of the brotherly peoples of the North Caucasus, the Circassian people will continue their existence struggle effectively by adopting the collective culture of reason and reconciliation within the framework of democratic methods, in accordance with the principles of international law and our law.

Respectfully announced to the public.


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