The Circassian National Movement Statement on the Nalchik Meeting

The Circassian National Movement Statement on the Nalchik Meeting


The Circassian National Movement was not surprised by the way the International Circassian Association’s operating method in regard to the Nalchik’s meeting, in which its president has participated, even though he did not perform the required national duty when meeting with the regional leaders in the city of Nalchik, with the Russian Head of State, and announces its disapproval and denunciation of the irresponsible positions that do not help in resolving any of the pending Circassian issues that have become hard to solve with the passage of time, which the Russian state has not yet shown readiness to discuss with those concerned.

It seems that in order to polish the name of this association, which has proven contradictories by a lot of utterance and action, the name of its president has been re-entered to be part of a meeting of the Inter-Ethnic Relations Council chaired by the President of the Russian Federation in Nalchik on 29 November, 2019. He was given the right to speak for ten minutes, where he spoke what he was required to talk about. He managed to address the aspects related to the mother tongue issue, where he emphasized that the bureaucratic procedures followed by government agencies made granting the necessary authorizations to translate and approve textbooks into the national languages, providing teachers hinders and interferes widely with the educational process. It was mentioned that the Circassian diaspora was demanding earlier to provide teachers to teach the mother tongue, and he is now asking them for Russian language teachers. In this context, his speech permeated by the praise of the country’s leadership, despite the fact that the state’s policy towards the Circassians has not changed in relation to the repatriates to homeland as a result of the civil war that broke out in Syria, their persecution, and the deportation of some of those who returned for flimsy reasons, not to mention the deliberate inaction on addressing important aspects of the Circassian Question.

However, these meetings were not disrupted, where Sohrokov’s speech was to a large degree largely agreed upon, the way the statements of the Russian President Vladimir Putin were on all related issues. In such a case, an appealing image of how the national framework would effect daringly and energetically for the people’s relevant cause. At the same time, no mention has been made that this has been caused due to the law specifically signed by President Putin himself, which most problems of language teaching arose and that his policy led to similar results. The scene was described as pastoral and good-looking to support the unpopular President of the ICA, but it is of a propaganda nature to support a leader whose association was deemed failure and thus its tutelage over the diaspora Circassians has automatically ended because they no longer fool them with empty and unfulfilled promises, except bubbles that faded on their own. Those gathered, missed the opportunity to express to the Russian president face to face the real problems of farmers in the country, for example. This scene appears to be surreal with stretch of imagination, to give a message regarding the Circassian affairs, perhaps in regard to the associations’ elections, especially with regard to the elections of the Circassian Charity Association scheduled in Jordan next month.

The Circassian National Movement (CNM) emanating from the Jordan Association of Caucasus Circassian Friends refers to the proposals of the the Jordan Association of Caucasus Circassian Friends consisting of seven main points and six sub-points, to reform the ICA, which was presented to the attendees and the delegation of the International Circassian Association, who visited Jordan in August 2015 as part of a tour in the region. The Head of the Jordan Association of Caucasus Circassian Friends, Dr. Rouhi Shahaltough, at the reception held by the Main Circassian Charity Association in Amman, Jordan, has read the proposals for the delegation in the courtyard of the Association. Each member of the delegation headed by Mr. Hauti Sohrokov, the President of the ICA, was provided with a hard copy of the proposals in the Russian language. Certainly, this Association will not have a role in Circassian affairs unless it undertakes a comprehensive reform based on the principles for which it was founded.

Long Live Free Circassia

The Circassian National Movement

December 15, 2019

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