Latest 42 Windows on Eurasia, Published by Famous Political Analyst Paul Goble

The following are the latest 42 Windows on Eurasia, published by famous political Analyst Paul Goble on “Window on Eurasia — New Series” Blog Page (

1.      North Caucasus Plenipotentiary Behind ‘Storming of Ingushetia,’ Buzrtanov Says

2.      Thanks to Olzhas Suleymanov’s Efforts, Almaty May Again Become Alma-Ata

3.      Academy of Sciences Study Shows Russia Today More an Empire than the USSR Was, Shtepa Says 

4.      Putin May Use Crimean Scenario to Annex Belarus if His Other Efforts Fail, Sannikov Says  

5.      Territorial Disputes Between Russia and Its Neighbors Rooted in Two Different Views of Reality

6.      Tajik Gastarbeiters Abroad have Sent Home Eight Times as Much Money as Foreigners Invested in Their Country 

7.      Kremlin’s Increasingly Positive Image of Stalin Leading to Whitewashing of Deportations, Specialists on the North Caucasus Say

8.      Ingush National Unity Committee Calls for Resumption of Activism to Defend Ingush People and Ingush Statehood   

9.      A Mountaineers Confederation is an Idea Whose Time has Come Again, Kodzova Says

10.  Russia May Transform Itself from ‘Island of Stability’ into the Eye of a Hurricane, Blant Says  

11.  ‘One Can’t be Half Ukrainian or Half Russian or Half Tatar and Half Bashkir,’ Minnikhanov Says

12.  To Protect National Security, Moscow Must Treat Ethnic Russians as an Indigenous People of the North, Stanulevich Says

13.  Paris Summit has Three Important Lessons, Piontkovsky Says

14.  Putin Bringing Back a Stalinist Economic System, Prokofyev Says

15.  Another Ingush Activist Sentenced, Two More have Detentions Extended, and Four Appeal to European Court  

16.  Kremlin Presents Russia ‘an Island of Stability’ in a Turbulent World to Warn Russians Against Radical Change, Shevchuk Says

17.  By Annexing Belarus, Putin Would be Threatening Russia’s Future Territorial Integrity, ‘Nezygar’ Telegram Channel Says  

18.  Paris Summit Offers Five Lessons for Russia, Tsipko Says

19.  Cossacks Launch Petition Drive to Be Included in 2020 Census as a Nation

20.  Russia’s Federal List of Extremist Materials Now Includes More than 5,000 Items

21.  Is Refusing to Make Concessions Really Kremlin’s Best Tactic Against Protests?

22.  Mutsolgov, Head of Yabloko Party Organization in Ingushetia, Elected to Party’s All-Russian Bureau  

23.  Russia Suffers from ‘Cult of Anniversaries’ Especially Those of Stalin’s, Bordyugov Says  

24.  A Confederation in Russia Would Remain an Empire, Kulekhov Says

25.  Russians Tragically Again Fighting about the Past Rather than Thinking about the Future, Inozemtsev Says  

26.  Shaman, Now Boxed in by Powers in Sakha, May Triumph by Backing Siberian Regionalism, Zolotaryev Says

27.  Unlike in Past, Moscow isn’t Helping Lukashenka with His Problems, Thus Making Deeper Integration Less likely, Astapenya Says

28.  Kremlin Stops Funding Human Rights Groups, Signaling It No Longer Cares about Its Image and Driving Another Nail into Their Coffin

29.  Putin Blames Lenin 2,000 Real and Potential Ethno-Territorial Conflicts in Former Soviet Space, Says Constant Vigilance Needed to Avoid Explosions

30.  Ethnic Cossacks and Putin’s ‘Registered’ Cossacks Not the Same Thing, New Study Says

31.  Financial Crisis Exacerbated Gap Between Moscow and the Rest of Russia, Statistics Show

32.  Online Social Networks Help Immigrants to Russia but Also Seek to Exploit Them, Sociologist Says  

33.  Russia Won’t Have Beautiful Future if It Seeks to Maintain Its Sovereignty Above All Else and in Isolation, Inozemtsev Says

34.  Putin’s Constant Insistence that 1990s were Worse Than Now Dangerous for Russia, Malinova Says  

35.  Kremlin Media’s Failure to Cover Bomb Threats and Evacuations Sparks Fears, Speculation  

36.  Ingushetia ‘an Outcast Republic’ Caught Between Two Kremlin Favorites, North Ossetia and Chechnya  

37.  Volgograd Communists who Put Up Statue of Stalin Say Any Repetition of His Repressions ‘Unacceptable’ Now

38.  Keeping Putin in Office after 2024 Will Require More than Changes in the Constitution, Shaburov Says

39.  Religion Means Little to Most Russians in Large Part Because of Clerics’ Behavior, ‘Nezavisimaya Gazeta’ Says  

40.  Moscow Wrong to Think Trump’s Impeachment Increasing Sympathy for Russia in US, Kirillova Says  

41.  Armed Attack on FSB HQ Latest of Putin’s ‘Reichstag Fires,’ Some Russians Say

42.  Many FSB Officers Accept Orthodoxy as a Substitute for Marxism-Leninism, Petrov Says

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