Press Release: Adel Bashqawi Addresses the Disasters Inflicted on the Circassians and how they Survived Extermination and Exclusion



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Adel Bashqawi addresses the disasters inflicted on the Circassians and how they survived extermination and exclusion

‘The Circassian Miracle: The Nation Neither Tsars, Nor Commissars, Nor Russia Could Stop’

OYSTER BAY, N.Y. – Adel Bashqawi, who belongs to the Circassian ethnic group, has been active in human rights issues. He has been dealing with the Circassian question in multiple areas for many years. He is committed to stand by with the Circassian legitimate rights, which he thinks have been forgotten for decades. It is for this reason that he writes “The Circassian Miracle: The Nation Neither Tsars, Nor Commissars, Nor Russia Could Stop” (published by Xlibris).

Writing this book has led Bashqawi to refer to published events and memoirs mentioned in many sources and references, together with comments and appropriate ideas of the Circassian status until the present day. When going through detailed information, beside the introduction to mysterious events and occurrences, that made him more convinced to uncover, expose and publish all elements that people need to know and be aware of. For him, they are the ones who will decide on the next course of action to demand the restoration of the neglected and overlooked justified rights of the Circassian people. The amount of information and legitimacy represented to him has attracted and encouraged him largely to unveil this work.

“The book addresses primary and important topics and information that has taken place during the Russian-Circassian War, where people would be able to know about because it had taken place and its consequences are still unresolved,” Bashqawi points out. “It is a cause with multiple dimensions, the most important of which is the linkage of the Circassian nation that extends between the homeland and diaspora, which eventually alienated as minorities in dozens of countries of today’s world in a relationship that was never broken. Their ancestral belonging relationship to each other is obviously conscientious, affective and emotional.”

The publication of “The Circassian Miracle: The Nation Neither Tsars, Nor Commissars, Nor Russia Could Stop” aims for readers to know and evaluate historical facts that pertain to the disasters which were inflicted on the Circassians and how, despite all attempts, they survived extermination and exclusion.

“The Circassian Miracle: The Nation Neither Tsars, Nor Commissars, Nor Russia Could Stop”

By Adel Bashqawi

Hardcover | 6 x 9in | 1,198 pages | ISBN 9781796076875

Softcover | 6 x 9in | 1,198 pages | ISBN 9781796076868

E-Book | 1,198 pages | ISBN 9781796076851

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About the Author

Adel Bashqawi was born in Amman, Jordan, where his great grandfather had immigrated due to the Circassian genocide. He studied in Jordan, the United States and the United Kingdom. He worked as a civil pilot for 39 years until retirement. He has been committed to writing articles, translating documents, sharing and distributing information, giving lectures and participating in conferences among other efforts.

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