Press Release by: Circassian Repatriation Organization – CRO

Press Release by: Circassian Repatriation Organization – CRO

Mar. 14th, 2020

The CRO strongly protests against the actions of Mr. Khauti Sokhrokov, the President of the International Circassian Association (ICA). The CRO warmly commended the decision of appointing Mr. Sokhrokov, in his legal capacity, to the working group that is reviewing and recommending the amendments of the Constitution of the Russian Federation.

Unfortunately, Mr. Sokhrokov betrayed Circassians and ignored the objectives and responsibilities of the ICA. Mr. Sokhrokov did not put any efforts in achieving the rights of Circassians or securing any constructive results for preserving the Circassian existence. Instead he voted in favour of proposed amendments of the Constitution of the Russian Federation that makes the Russian language, the official national language of the Russian Federation and considers Russia the only founding state of the Russian Federation. An amendment that clearly, neglects the role and the rights of all other ethnic groups that make up the Russian Federation including Circassians. The newly proposed amendment undermines the official languages in the Russian Federation, risks the harmony between the different ethnic groups, diverges from the spirit of the Federation and contradicts human rights and freedoms. Furthermore, Mr. Sokhrokov ignored the Statement by the staff members of the Kabardino-Balkar Institute for Humanitarian Studies, regarding this issue.

Moreover, Mr. Sokhrokov voted in favour of another proposed clause on supporting citizens abroad which states: “The Russian Federation provides support to citizens who live abroad in exercising their rights, protecting their interests and preserving the cultural identity of all Russians”. This amendment contradicts the simplest principles of the Federation where only Russian ethnics are supported while, all other ethnic groups, including Circassians, that make up the Federation are discriminated against and will be excluded from any benefits or support in preserving and presenting their cultural identity.

The CRO believes that Mr. Sokhrokov is not competent and is not capable of serving the interest of Circassians in the homeland or in diaspora. It is self-evident that the ICA and the affiliated Circassian Associations are compelled, under such disgraceful actions and circumstances to move forward and withhold the confidence from Mr. Sokhrokov, the President of the ICA. Therefore, the CRO is demanding that the ICA and the affiliated Circassian Associations take their responsibility and act without any delay.

The Board of Executives of the CRO

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