Paul Gobles 42 Windows on Eurasia for April 7-12, 2020

Paul Gobles 42 Windows on Eurasia for April 7-12, 2020    


1.      Is Moscow Sending More Troops to the North Caucasus and Paying Them Five Times as Much?


2.      Russian Official Sociology with Its Presidential Ratings Another Casualty of Pandemic, Davydov Says


3.      Given Pandemic, Russians Increasingly Turning to Internet for News But Slow Speeds Keep Many from Using It Widely  


4.      Russian Businesses Refuse Putin’s Demand that They Pay Employees who are in In-Home Isolation


5.      Circassians Mull How to Mark May 21 during Pandemic as Moscow Signals Its Anger at Their Activities and International Support


6.      Russians Split on Whether Classifying Russian Imperial Movement as Terrorist Group a Victory or Defeat for Trump  


7.      Two Ingush Activists Already Sentenced Released from Detention Pending Their Appeals  


8.      In This Crisis, Russian Regions Taking Tougher Line Against Moscow than are Non-Russian Republics, Alpaut Says


9.      Putin’s View of Russian State Why He Won’t Aid People and Small Business and Why His Country Won’t Recover as Fast as Others, Inozemtsev Says


10.  Xenophobic Attitudes in Russia Again on the Rise, Approaching Pre-Crimea Peak


11.  Many of Russia’s Current Leaders Act as If They’re Great Successes when They Aren’t, Kiva Says  


12.  Russian Agricultural Ministry Plans to Replace Gastarbeiters with Students and the Unemployed


13.  Coronavirus Measures have Shut Down Half of Russia’s Bordellos, Sex Workers Union Head Says  


14.  Despite Partial Apology, Kadyrov’s Crude Remark Likely to Exacerbate Chechen-Ingush Relations  


15.  Block Posts on Borders of Federal Subjects Show Russians Now Realize They Can’t Count on Putin to Save Them, Portnikov Says


16.  USSR as Legal Successor to Russian Empire had Every Right to Retake Baltic States, Poland and Finland, Shishkin Says


17.  Moscow Doctors to Combine Treatment for Coronavirus and Pneumonia Patients  


18.  Coronavirus Crisis Should Prompt Kremlin to Declare ‘a Putin NEP,’ Bondarenko Says


19.  Moscow Trying to Force All who Speak Non-Russian Languages to Bend to Its Will and Speak Russian, Shaymiyev Says   


20.  Current Crisis in Russia Reflects Failure of Powers to Adjust to New Realities, Nisnevich Says


21.  ‘A Cold Civil War’ Now Exists between Russian People and the Kremlin, Lepekhin Says


22.  Ingush Activists Court had Ordered Released Still in Detention; Officials Blame the Mails


23.  Four of Six Politburo Members Associated with ‘Russian Party’ in 1970s weren’t Russians, Averyanov-Minsky Says  


24.  Putin Preparing to Allow FSB to Keep Even More Things Secret and Thus Act in a More Uncontrolled Way, Pavlov Says


25.  Internet Showing Russians Other Countries are Doing More for Their Peoples and Businesses than Moscow is, Zubarevich Says


26.  Federal Officials and Siloviki in Regions Getting Used to Governors Making Decisions, Gallyamov Says  


27.  Referendum on Russian Constitutional Amendments Raises Ever More Questions


28.  Russian Authorities Forced to Call in Spetsnaz Troops to Put Down Prison Revolt in the Transbaikal  


29.  Ingush Mufti Dies from Coronavirus


30.  Russia Heading into Deepening Crisis Without Moscow Recognizing Unpleasant Realities, Inozemtsev Says


31.  Unlike Recent Epidemics, Coronavirus Hitting Richer Countries Harder than Poorer Ones, Grechaninov Says  


32.  Pandemic Stress Testing Russia’s Migration Policy, Brod Says


33.  Putin’s Health ‘Optimization’ Cut Medical Specialists on Infectious Diseases by 10 Percent, Nechayev Says   


34.  Putin a Man of the Soviet Past who May Leave Office as Yeltsin Did, Gordon Says


35.  Russian Far East Can’t Do without China Trade, Vladivostok Orientalist Says


36.  Late Mufti Tested Positive for Virus But Ingush Officials Don’t Count Him as Victim of Pandemic  


37.  ‘Will Russia Survive until 2024?’ Timofeyev Asks


38.  Russians Violating Restrictions Now Because of Lies Officials have Always Told Them, Neroznikova Says  


39.  Pandemic Affecting Security in Eastern Europe Ever More Broadly, Minsk Dialogue Group Says  


40.  Self-Isolation and Social Distance Rules Mean Russian Politics Now Going Online, ‘Nezavisimaya Gazeta’ Says


41.  Kadyrov’s Chechnya – Where for Many Death from the Coronavirus is ‘the Lesser Evil’


42.  As Economic Crisis Deepens, More Russians Say Putin Defends the Interests of the Oligarchs than Say He Supports Those of the Siloviki

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