Inglorious Individuals

Inglorious Individuals

By: Adel Bashqawi,

5 May, 2020


There is no doubt that every behavior has degrees of impact in terms of strength or weakness, while this is not limited to a depiction or characteristic of a certain situation in itself; but it is imperative that each situation should be described according to the surrounding circumstances, and the related repercussions and consequences. Some losers who suffer from inferiority complex follow impolite methods of directing false and targeted propaganda in the society. They apply the saying: “Well-arranged lies are better than confused truth,” so that their orientations contain irrational and unrealistic lies according to fictional scenarios, in order to achieve the goals of racist parties that have a direct link with what is happening regarding the Circassian Question that amounts to offending others.

All this takes place in light of the unethical stance in which certain individuals find themselves, in regard to their disgruntled attitude towards successful people who have accomplished unprecedented achievements in their society. Knowing that it is shame to coordinate with outsiders, who are nothing but an extension of echoes of the Russian-Circassian War, including forced deportation, and the rights and duties to be fulfilled by the successive Russian governments. The subject in general is characterized by a contradiction between good and evil. It is a discrepancy between positive civilized concepts that include growth, advancement, prosperity and progress, which counter-concepts negative notions that include regression, retrograde, contraction and stagnation.

It is appropriate to refer to what some adventurers are trying to do by spreading poison puffs of discrimination, envy, grudge, malevolence and hatred without relying on any legal evidence, by organizing groupings that corrupts creative teamwork. They rather, post misinformation they write or quote from other sources, on some social media whose pages are provided widely open for the fabrication of crises among people by publishing and distributing falsehood, forgery, and lies that is not acceptable by public decency. This is done with the help of some close ones, which they post deceptive accusations haphazardly against individuals or bodies that openly oppose Russian supremacy and racist positions that ignore the legitimate rights of the Circassians. Without highlighting names, two ideal cases can be mentioned to clarify that. They express vivid examples that contradict the simplest moral rules and principles, one of them is located in diaspora and the second is present in motherland.

It is possible to characterize a person who is considered a narcissist as if saying: “Remember me and don’t forget me”, so that he will always be at the front row of any event, and most of the time he plays a negative role behind the scenes, and perhaps through other people. His actions are personalized and tend to admire himself. He may sometimes claim to participate in a team effort, but ultimately he fails to do it in whole or in part. He may want to be at the forefront of events at any cost, and to express the power of his influence in the society. When he wants to offend others, for example, he claims that he is able to read between the empty lines the fake fantasies except, and since his childhood he roams deserts and navigates across wide plains.

The other example, symbolizes one of the adventurers who resides in the homeland, and behaves according to reprehensible techniques through harassing specific individuals or respected institutions operating through its rules, principles and statutes, as this indicates only ignorance, naivety, narrow-mindedness and fawningness to the authorities that he claims, he represents in all what he touches upon, especially that he intrudes interfering in the raised topics, trying to delve into, according to vulgar methods and standards, rejected by a significant part of the Circassian people, whether in the homeland or in the diaspora.

This takes place without observing the rules of the Circassian Khabze and civilized dialogue in terms of the principle of respect for opinion and other opinion. “Half of knowledge is worse than ignorance.”

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