The ICA President Got His Own Philosophy

The ICA President Got his Own Philosophy

26 June, 2020

This Video/Audio link contains an interview of the Caucasus Newspaper, with the president of the International Circassian Association, Hauti Sokhrokov.

Seemingly, Mr. Sokhrokov is intending to share the Russian authorities’ plans and policies in regard to not considering the 90% of the Circassians of the world as part of the Circassian nation.

He says that the Circassians who are in the diaspora and speak against the proposed amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation that they are used by third parties to harm the Circassians in the Russian Federation and mentions some diaspora countries such as Turkey, Germany and Jordan.

He added that in general, those who are against the amendments to the Russian Federation Constitution among the Circassian diaspora, are not from the ICA organization; but they are controlled by other foreign powers.

This is rowing against the current, and indicates the lack of goodwill to adhere to democratic methods, and even the possibility of expressing freedom of opinion and other opinion in matters of concern to the entire Circassian nation regarding its legitimate rights to preserve identity, language, culture and the right to return to the historical homeland for those who that. Not to forget addressing the consequences of the Genocide, Ethnic Cleansing and forced deportation.

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