Paul Goble’s 42 Windows on Eurasia for July 18 – 23, 2020

Paul Goble’s 42 Windows on Eurasia for July 18 – 23, 2020  


1.      After Crackdown on NGOs, Primordial Groups in Ingushetia Now Key Actors in Civil Society  

2.      Russians Don’t Believe Kremlin about Coronavirus or the Economy, New Surveys Show

3.      Millions of Russians Turning to Internet to Follow Events in Khabarovsk

4.      Even Looking at a Policeman the Wrong Way Now a Crime in Russia   

5.      Putin System’s Strength Lies in Its ‘Chameleon-Like’ Nature, Serenko Says

6.      Khabarovsk Shows Russians have Rejected ‘Good Tsar, Bad Boyars’ Model, Eidman Says  

7.      Khabarovsk Protests Annul July 1 and Put Russia on a Belarus-Like Course, Shulika Says  

8.      Ingush Send Telegrams to Imprisoned Activists from Home Computers, Undercutting Official Efforts to Isolate Them  

9.      Coronavirus May Come Back to Russia from Neighboring Countries, Epidemiologist Says

10.  North Caucasians, Siberians and Others View Muscovite Conquerors as Africans and Asians Do Their Colonizers, ‘Nezavsimaya Gazeta’ Says

11.  Khabarovsk Events Ending Crimean Consensus among Systemic Parties, Rodin Says

12.  Reflecting Growing Radicalism in Russian Regions, Khabarovsk Demonstrators Fly Regional Flag

13.  ‘Totalitarian States Always Try to Build “a Bright Future” Authoritarian Ones Don’t,’ Makogon Says

14.  ‘I’m Not from Moscow; I Only Work There,’ Putin’s Man for the Far East Tells Khabarovsk  

15.  Powers Alienating Many of the More than Half of Ingushetia Population that is Under 21

16.  Pandemic Changing Russia’s Relations with CIS States

17.  People East of Urals May Speak Russian But They aren’t like Russians Elsewhere, a Reality Moscow Fails to Understand, Zhelenin Says

18.  Alaskan City Should have Statue of ‘the Unknown Aleut’ Not of a Russian Colonizer, Moscow Writer Says  

19.  New Rosstat Figures Show Russia On Course to Suffer 400,000 More Deaths than Births in 2020   

20.  ‘Russia Now a Plantation for Rich Moscow Oligarchs,’ Navalny Says

21.  Putin’s Failure in Khabarovsk Reflects His View that the People are Irrelevant, Gozman Says

22.  Putin’s Response to Khabarovsk Shows He Can’t Correct His Mistakes and Will Make More, Shelin Says

23.  Russia Faces New Lockdown when Second Wave of Pandemic Hits in Fall, Senior Government Epidemiologist Says

24.  Pandemic Didn’t Cause Russians to Rally Around Putin, Scholars Say

25.  Popular Apathy Greater Threat to Putin Regime than Protests, Zhuravlyev Says

26.  Talk of Amalgamating Petersburg and Leningrad Oblast, Cut Off by Pandemic, Now Resuming   

27.  Open Federalism Widely Supported in Russia in 1917, Sidorov Says

28.  Ethnic Russians Victims of More Discrimination than Any Other Nation in Russia, Kildyushov Says   

29.  Second Ingush Teip Enters Political Fray with Letter to Republic Parliament

30.  Russian Health Ministry Drops Hydroxychloroquine as Treatment for Coronavirus

31.  Russia Needs a New Deal as Sweeping as FDR’s in the US in the 1930s, Deripaska Says

32.  Neither Putin Nor Moscow Liberals View Russian People as Proper Subject of History, Degtyanov Says  

33.  As Long as Russia Remains an Empire, Moscow will Be Repressive at Home and Aggressive Abroad, Eidman Says   

34.  Moscow Ignoring Most of Over 500,000 Cases of Human Trafficking in Russia

35.  Kremlin Now Using Third-Party Lawsuits to Bankrupt Those who Oppose It, Agora Report Says

36.  Council of Teips of Ingushetia Asks Magas to Assign Larger Space for Public Demonstrations  

37.  Russia’s Population Decline Returning to Level of 1990s, Zhelenin Says

38.  Most Russians Beyond the Ring Road Dislike Muscovites Even if They Want to Move to the Capital   

39.  Kazakhs who Live in Russia Acculturating but Not Assimilating, Ethnographer Says

40.  Pandemic Beginning Counterattack in Russia, Finance University Specialist Says

41.  Protests by Russians East of the Urals Product of Unique Features of Russian Imperialism, Inozemtsev Says  

42.  Where Will the Next Khabarovsk Break Out? Experts Divided on Possibilities and Prospects

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