Paul Goble’s 42 Windows on Eurasia for Sept. 10 – Sept. 15, 2020

Paul Goble’s 42 Windows on Eurasia for Sept. 10 – Sept. 15, 2020
1. Russians Needing Certification They’re Coronavirus Free Can Now Buy Fake Diagnoses Online
2. Chuvash Becoming a Problem for Beijing’s ‘One Belt, One Road’ Project the Way Uyghurs Already Have, Alpaut and Simbirskaya Say
3. Russians Identifying with Non-Systemic Parties Seek Regime Change Rather than Any Program, Belanovsky and Nikolskaya Say

4. Putin ‘More Dangerous Enemy of Belarus than Lukashenka Is,’ Eidman Says
5. Sergey’s Excommunication Unlikely to Cost Him Followers or Provoke a Split in ROC MP, Experts Say
6. Russians and Ukrainians have Common Enemy in Union of the Two Dictators, Satarov Says
7. FSB Doesn’t Make Big Distinction Between Right and Left Opposition, Former Officer Says
8. Coronavirus Cases in Russia Trending Upwards Sparking Anxiety that in Turn is Being Stoked by Fakes
9. Belarusian Muslim Leaders Break with Moscow Mufti and Attack Lukashenka
10. Moscow New Plan for Achieving National Goals Shows Russian Elite Really Ranks Far Below Botswana’s, Inozemtsev Says
11. Belarus Moving Out of ‘Russian World’ Demographically, 2019 Census Data Show
12. Regional Elections Show Russia Now has ‘Politics without Politicians,’ Pertsev Says
13. IT Specialists Undermine Lukashenka in Two Ways: By Cyber Attacks and by Leaving Belarus
14. Putin Propaganda, Intended Not to Convert but to Demoralize, Ultimately Counterproductive, Gallyamov Says
15. Moscow’s Spin on Rising Coronavirus Numbers: Evidence of Increased Economic and Social Activity
16. The Vaisovtsy, Bulgar Activists Who Tried to Combine Pure Islam with Bolshevism, Recalled as Source of Ideas about the Future
17. Calling Russians Outside of Moscow Provincials is ‘Dumb,’ Prudnikova Says
18. If Putin Regime Collapses, Power More Likely to Fall to Bandits than to Liberal Opposition, Shaburov Says
19. Russian Architects Announce Competition about Future Use of Lenin Mausoleum on Red Square
20. West Risks Losing Second Cold War Unless It Returns to Russian People the Trillion Dollars Putin Regime Looted from Them, Piontkovsky Says
21. Stability at Top of Russian Political Pyramid Promoted by Shocking Flexibility in Elections, Inozemtsev Says
22. Coronavirus Provided Russian Election Officials Another Way to Cover Up Falsifications
23. Moscow Failing to Address Rising Mortality in Villages Comprehensively, Threatening Russia with Depopulation, Zhuravlyev Says
24. Kremlin Entering Third Stage of Its Handling of Navalny Poisoning and Counting on Useful Idiots in West to Help It, Pastukhov Says
25. Women’s Role in Belarusian Revolution Gives It World Historical Importance, Khzmalyan Says
26. Putinism Most Closely Resembles Stroessner’s ‘Stronismo’ in Paraguay, Eidman Says
27. Moscow’s Hands’ Off Approach to Khabarovsk Protests Brought Short-Term Gain but Entails Long-Term Disaster, El Murid Says
28. Magas Bans Protest by Ingush who Wear Masks and by Those who Don’t
29. Foreign Researchers Point to Apparent Falsification of Russian Vaccine Test Results
30. Kadyrov Regime Orchestrates Demonstration against ‘Euro-Ichkerians’ to Cover New Attacks Against Them
31. Sochi Marks Real Beginning of Putin’s ‘Eating’ of Belarus by Mafia Methods, Pastukhov Says
32. Rising Pessimism Costing Kremlin Ability to Mobilize Population, ‘Nezavisimaya gazeta’ Says
33. Circassians in the Homeland and Abroad Being Transformed by the Internet, Kabard Says
34. Kyrgyz Talk of Having Their Country Join Russia Typical Pre-Election Tactic
35. Essential Book on Almost Mythical Far Eastern Republic (1920-1922) Now Available in Russian
36. Moscow Now Blaming New Spike in Coronavirus Numbers on Increased Testing
37. Lukashenka More Likely to Be Ousted by Russian Reaction than by Belarusian Protests, Pastukhov Says
38. Electoral Authoritarian Regimes Cannot Be Ousted by Voting But They Can Be De-Legitimized, Gelman Says
39. Quiet in Russia After Elections ‘Deceptive,’ Four Experts Say
40. ‘The Language of the Belarusian Revolution is Russian,’ Belogorova Says
41. ‘Proletarian Internationalism’ Didn’t Exist in the Soviet Union and Its Absence Killed the USSR, Pyatov Says
42. 37 Percent of Russians Think Russia Now a Great Power, 29 Percent Think It will Be Soon, but 26 Percent Say It Won’t, VTsIOM Poll Finds
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