Paul Goble’s 42 Windows on Eurasia for Oct. 4 – 9, 2020

 Paul Goble’s 42 Windows on Eurasia for Oct. 4 – 9, 2020 

1.      For First Time Since May, Russia Registers 10,000 New Cases of Coronavirus Infection in a Day

2.      Russians Today Simultaneously Apathetic and Angry, Khabarovsk Psychologist Says

3.      Gaynutdin Makes a Play to Be Russia’s ‘Muslim Patriarch,’ and Tajuddin Immediately Counters  

4.      Far More Belarusians Now Studying in the West than in Russia – and Returning with Western Values   

5.      Even Ordinary Russian Prisoners Now Turning Against Putin, Astashin Says

6.      Moscow Still Ignoring Problem of Female Genital Mutilation in North Caucasus, Experts Say   

7.      Tashkent Installs Security Officer as Karakalpak Head — But Only after a 50-Day Delay

8.      Today Russia had Second Highest Day of Infections Ever, Sparking Both Fears and Reassurances   

9.      Coronavirus Pandemic Accelerating Russian and Cossack Flight from North Caucasus

10.  Russia’s Appellate Courts Increasingly Reversing Even the Few Exonerations by Courts of First Instance, Khodzhayeva Says   

11.  Moscow Boosting Military Spending Lest It Face Political Problems, Luzin Says

12.  Magas Effort to Control Ingush Muslim Leadership Deepening Divide between People and Powers, Mutsolgov Says  

13.  Pomor ‘Nation Building’ in 1990s Shows What a Concerted Government Effort Can Achieve, Russian Critic Says  

14.  Russian Soldiers Now Voting Against Kremlin Party and May Be Asked Not to Take Part in Future Elections, Study Finds  

15.  As Infections Surge, Moscow Re-Introduces Restrictions Sparking Fears There and Elsewhere that More are Ahead  

16.  Entire Northern Sea Route Now Ice-Free

17.  Water May Explain Why Armenia and Azerbaijan have Gone to War Now, Kots Says

18.  Kazan Refuses to Authorize Meeting on Anniversary of 1552 Sacking of Kazan

19.  Defending Human Rights in Russia’s Closed Cities Especially Hard, Activist Says

20.  Will the New Man in Daghestan Act as an MVD General, a Lezgin or Putin’s Friend?

21.  Patriarchate’s Closeness to Increasingly Demanding State Driving Russians Away from Church, Chapnin Says  

22.  China Gave World the Coronavirus and Likely Will Give More Viruses in the Future, Onishchenko Says  

23.  A Baker’s Dozen of Putin Jokes for Kremlin Leader’s 68th Birthday

24.  Majority of Putin Streets in Russia are in the North Caucasus

25.  Pandemic, Poverty Feeding Russians’ Sense of Injustice in Their Country

26.  Armenian-Azerbaijani Clashes Finds Iran Even More Conflicted than Russia Is, Mirzayan Says  

27.  Kremlin’s Proposed Law to Ensure It can Block Internet Sites Seen Costing Russian Industry Dearly  

28.  Kyrgyz and Belarusian Events Show Era of Velvet Revolutions is Ending, Popkov Says

29.  Kremlin Says New Pandemic Upsurge Worrisome – and with Good Reason

30.  Baku Hopes to Unite Azerbaijan and Nakhchivan by Seizing Corridor Between Them, Russian General Says   

31.  Navalny Poisoning Played a Role in Timing of Outbreak of Fighting between Armenia and Azerbaijan, Arutyunov Says  

32.  ‘Belarus More Like Russia and Kyrgyzstan More like Ukraine,’ Schulmann Says  

33.  In a First, a Russian Court Finds a Jehovah’s Witness Not Guilty on All Charges

34.  Moscow Sets Up Registry of Northern Peoples and Gives FSB Power to Decide Who’s In and Who’s Not  

35.  Russian Government Case against Circassian Activist Collapsing in Full View

36.  Russia Sets All-Time Coronavirus Infection Record and Kremlin Says It May have to Intervene

37.  Tambov Villagers Vote for Party of Power Because They are Told to Do So, Investigation Finds  

38.  Young Russians’ Indifference to Politics Doesn’t Bode Well for the Future, Novoseltseva Says   

39.  Water Karabakh had Relied On Now Again Flowing Again into Azerbaijan

40.  Kazakhstan Still Needs to Decolonize Itself, Kazakh Journalist Says

41.  No Laughing Matter: Chukchis Protest Abramovich’s Plan to Get Moscow Money for Unnecessary Port  

42.  NEXTA Telegram Channel and Cyber-Partisan Hackers Two Most Important Online Players in Belarus

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