Paul Goble’s 42 Windows on Eurasia for Oct. 10-15, 2020

Paul Goble’s 42 Windows on Eurasia for Oct. 10-15, 2020

1.      Russians Increasingly Angry at Pandemic Restrictions and at Government for Imposing Them  

2.      Putin Increasingly More Like Gorbachev and Brezhnev than like Stalin and Ivan the Terrible, Pastukhov Says  

3.      Russian Reaction to Regime and Its Policies Resembles That of Soviet Times, Levinson Says

4.      Putin’s Neo-Colonial Personnel Policies Leading to Disaster in Non-Russian Republics, Sidorov Says   

5.      Moscow’s Attitudes toward Chemical Weapons Rooted in Tsarist and Soviet Past, Luzin Says

6.      Khabarovsk Protests Crushed on 92nd Day, Signaling Weakness of Powers that Be   

7.      Russia May Face Water Revolts in This Century, Slabunova Says

8.      Muscovites Call Sobyanin’s Coronavirus Policies ‘Genocidal’ and Want Him Out as Mayor   

9.      Belarusian Cyber-Partisans Hacked 30 Government Sites in Last 24 Hours

10.  Turkmen Emigres Now Staging Protests Abroad Turkmens at Home Can’t, Charyyeva Says  

11.  Bashkortostan Like an Athlete who has Been Corrupted by Drugs has Decayed, Gabbasov Says   

12.  Despite Crackdown, Khabarovsk Residents Resume Their Protest

13.  Armenian-Azerbaijani Ceasefire Won’t End Violence Immediately or Open the Way for Peace  

14.  Ingush Regime Goes Ahead with Commemoration of Republic’s 250th Anniversary as Part of Russia Despite Pandemic, Costs and Popular Anger

15.  Russian Elites Increasingly Divided on How to Respond to Upsurge in Coronavirus Infections and Deaths   

16.  Russia Remains a Country Desperately Centered on America, Shevtsova Says

17.  A New USSR with New Members will Be Created with Signing of New Union Treaty in the Next Six Months, Sobyanin Says

18.  Circassians and Their Fate – a Brief but Fundamental Introduction

19.  Russians Not More Tolerant Now But Siloviki Limiting Their Ability to Act on Their Hatreds, Verkhovsky Says

20.  Russian Debt Exploding Out of Public View and Thus All the More Dangerous, Inozemtsev Says  

21.  New Putin Draft Law Gelds Constitutional Court, Legal Analyst Says

22.  Putin Declares Pandemic a National Security Threat, Gives FSB Outsized Role in Combatting It   

23.  Russia’s Federative Party Calls for Economic Decentralization to Strengthen Russia

24.  On Social Justice, Russia Now Split into Two Nations, ‘TV Russians’ and ‘Internet Russians,’ Shelin Says  

25.  Kremlin’s Obsession with Past about Far More than Legitimating Itself, Vitukhnovskaya Says   

26.  Russians’ Unwillingness to Take Responsibility Found Wherever They Feel They can’t Affect Outcomes, Levada Sociologist Says

27.  Russian Federal Subjects Used to Have Vice Presidents But, for Convenience of Kremlin, Now They Don’t    

28.  Russian Regime Recapitulating Evolution of Its Soviet Predecessor, Pastukhov Says

29.  Explosive Growth in COVID Forcing Russia to Use Medical Students, Military Hospitals

30.  TB Epidemic of 1990s Suggests Coronavirus Hitting Russian Prisons Harder than Moscow Admits, Pallot Says   

31.  Coronavirus Takes the Life of Rashit Akhmetov, ‘the Hercules of Tatar Social Thought’

32.  Russians No Longer Want to Live in France; They Want to Live in Russia of a Year Ago, Shapovalova Says    

33.  A Turning Point in the North Caucasus? Russian Siloviki Again Taking Combat Losses

34.  Post-1994 Armenian-Azerbaijani Status Quo No Longer Exists, Moscow Analyst Says

35.  Russia has a Zip Code Equality and Opportunity Problem Too, Yavlinsky Says

36.  Despite Pandemic-Highlighted Shortcomings in Russian Healthcare, Moscow Plans to Cut Spending on That Sector by 13 Percent

37.  Arax River, Long a Source of Discord, Could Become Basis for Cooperation, Baliyev Says  

38.  Magas Shuts Group Seeking MIAs from 1992 Ingush-South Ossetian Conflict

39.  Draft Budget Cuts Spending for Military Benefits and Pensions, Sparking Anger

40.  Moscow Again Seeking to Block Soviet-Divided Circassian Nation from Declaring a Common Name in Upcoming Census  

41.  Caucasus Fighting Highlights Growing Gap between Moscow’s Beliefs and Abilities in Post-Soviet Space, Krasheninnikov Says

42.  A Baker’s Dozen of Stories from Russia — Too Many to Detail but Too Important to Miss

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